Dominican Blow Out

A Dominican Blow Out is the key to make your hair look its best. The main question is: What is a Dominican Blow Out?

The Dominican Blow Out is a great way to make the hair that has been relaxed,processed, or naturally curly, look shiny, bouncy, and full of life.

A few tools are essential to get the best result to perform this task. A good blower the hair is the first in our list. I personally prefer the Twin Turbo 3200 model. A hair dryer that you can adjust the temperature is the second in our list.Magnetic rollers and round brushes of different sizes to best fit your hair length are number three and four in our list.

It is very important to use the correct size of the rollers because if they are too big, the hair will come loose from the roller and the hair will look shaggy. You should make sure that your hair is completely dry to get the desired results.

Now we are going to take the rollers off and divide the hair into sections starting from the hind head using a boar hairbrush. Hold the hair closest to the scalp and pass the blow dryer over that section of hair. Try to make sure that the hair is divided in a straight line to prevent the hair from splitting. The brush should only be used to hold the hair not to pull the hair. After the root of the hair is straight, you should use a bigger brush to polish the rest of the hair with round wrist movements. After you are done with the first section, make another thin section and repeat the process until you have covered the entire head.

When you are done, you should seal the hair with a Gloss Polisher, which acts as an anti frizz definition and shine. You should not use grease because it adds weigh to your hair and removes the natural look of your hair, and it will attract dust.

In case you do not want to use rollers, you should divide the hair in small sections using butterfly clamps to make it easier to dry you hair. It is very important that if your hair has been processed with a relaxer it is strongly advised to use the rollers and the hair dryer and then the blower to eliminate the curls from the roots. The reason for this is that if the hair is wet it is in a very delicate and fragile and can be easily damaged with the pulling of the brush and the heat of the blow dryer.



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