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Haircare Routine: Fall & Winter Changes To Consider

Haircare Routine: Fall & Winter Changes To Consider

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While it’s sad to kiss summer goodbye, there’s plenty to look forward to in fall and winter. This is the season for cozy sweaters, cool temperatures and fun fall and winter fashion.You probably already know that you need to change your wardrobe when fall comes around, but you might not realize that you should also be making changes to your haircare routine. To help you make this fall and winter your best ever, here are the cold weather changes that you need to make to your haircare routine.

Shampoo a Little Less

Anyone with a Dominican hair type already knows that too much shampooing can strip the scalp of the natural oils needed to keep hair healthy. However, many women have no choice but to shampoo a little extra during the summer, as the high heat and humidity can cause excessive oiliness and build-up. Once fall rolls around and temperatures drop, reduce the amount of times per week that you shampoo your hair. This will keep your locks healthy, moisturized and illustrious.

Introduce a Deep Conditioning Mask Into Your Routine

The humidity of summer can cause a lot of frizz and fly-aways, but it can also keep a lot of moisture in the hair. As the weather shifts from humid to dry, however, the hair can become drier in turn. Tweak your haircare routine to combat winter dryness. Try using a once-a-week deep conditioning mask or hot oil treatment. Throughout the week, you can use a hydrating serum or leave-in treatment to maintain moisture between conditioning treatments.

Use Heat, But Do It The Right Way

Many Dominican women embrace their natural texture during the summer, allowing those natural curls and waves to finally have their moment in the spotlight. Embracing your natural hair texture during summer is a fantastic plan since the heat and humidity can often sabotage any attempts to style the hair with heat.

In the fall and winter months, you might want to return to relaxing or straightening your hair. If you choose to return to heat styling, be sure to do it the right way. Always use a product that protects the hair from high heat before you begin to style it. Never use a flat iron or hot comb on your hair if it’s excessively damaged or if you have split ends that need to be trimmed. Hot tools can make existing damage worse, so get a haircut and a deep conditioning treatment to remedy any damage before you attempt to style with heat.

Treat Yourself To A Keratin Treatment

Fall is a time of new beginnings, as well as a new seasonal haircare routine. Consider kicking off this new season the right way by treating yourself to a professional keratin treatment. Not only does a keratin treatment restore hydration and health to the hair, but it can help to tame and smooth kinky and troublesome hair that never seems to want to lay flat. A professional keratin treatment can be life-changing to any woman who struggles to keep her hair straight and smooth.

Do a Product Purge

The changing of the seasons is a perfect time to go through your inventory of hair products and toss out anything that’s not working or that might be past its expiration date. Throw anything that’s expired into the trash and give away any items that simply don’t work for your needs. Just because a specific product doesn’t seem to agree with your particular hair type doesn’t mean it won’t work beautifully for one of your friends or family members.

Consider Making a Big Change

Autumn is the time when the leaves fall away and the colors of the foliage begin to change. Draw inspiration from the changing colors of fall and try changing the color of your hair. Fall is the perfect time to finally try a new hair color on for size, especially if you’re going back to school or switching to a new job. You’re sure to make a big impression at those holiday parties if you try something new and different with your hair for fall.

Whether you want to simply trim away those split ends or make a big change, we want to help. At Dorcas Dominican Beauty Salon, we specialize in cuts and color for Dominican hair types, in addition to professional blowouts and keratin treatments to give you the sleek and smooth hair of your dreams.

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Winter Hair Protection

6 Winter Hair Protection Tips

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The cold winter season can do a number on your skin, causing dryness and flakes galore. That’s the reason that it’s no shocker that it can also wreak havoc onto your locks. If you want to keep your locks lovely and healthy all winter long consider the winter hair protection tips below.  The wintertime is no excuse to abandon looking after your beautiful locks.

Winter Hair Protection Tip #1 Reduce Your Shampooing Frequency

It can be tempting to shampoo your hair often. Hair feels so good when it’s freshly washed. Frequent washing, however, is never the greatest idea during the winter season. Why not? If you refrain from shampooing your hair as much, you make yourself a lot less susceptible to wintertime woes such as flaking and intense itchiness. If you want to do your scalp and hair a huge favor, then you should limit your wintertime washing sessions in a big way. Reduced washing can safeguard you from a scalp that constantly makes you want to scratch. It can safeguard you from a scalp that gives off little bits of dead skin cells, too. Three hair washing sessions per week can work like a charm.

Winter Hair Protection Tip #2 Defend Your Locks From Environmental Factors

You should go above and beyond to defend your locks from aggressive wintertime environmental factors. Damp conditions aren’t exactly conducive to hair wellness. Low temperatures aren’t exactly conducive to it, either. If you want to safeguard your precious tresses from all sorts of stress components, then you can conceal them using a scarf or a hat. Refrain from donning a scarf or a hat that’s overly snug, though. Snugness can in many cases minimize scalp circulation, and that’s one of the last things you want.

Remember, hat use can sometimes bring on sweat accumulation. This accumulation can bring on scalp sensitivities and irritation. If you want to combat this possibility, then it can help you greatly to wash your locks using a shampoo that’s designed to keep dandruff at bay. Search for highly regarded anti-dandruff options that are available.

Winter Hair Protection Tip #3 Trim Your Locks on a Routine Basis

If you want your hair to look amazing all winter long, then it may be in your greatest interests to go for routine trimming sessions at the beauty salon. This is vital for people regardless of their specific hair lengths. Cold temperatures have the ability to make hair weak and prone to breakage. If you get your hair trimmed on a routine basis, then you may be able to steer clear of unsightly split ends.

Winter Hair Protection Tip #4 Moisturize Your Scalp and Hair Thoroughly

Moisture is the key to a radiant complexion during the winter months. It’s also the key to bouncy, soft and smooth hair. If you want to treat your hair like royalty during the wintertime, then you need to prioritize moisturizing your scalp and your hair. It can help to employ a shampoo that’s associated with intense hydration. Be sure to drink a lot of water as well. Dehydration can make your hair look like a dry and flat mess. Scalp dryness isn’t at all unusual during the wintertime. Shifts in temperature frequently bring on this dryness. The same thing applies to coldness in general.

Winter Hair Protection Tip #5 Go for a Shampoo That’s Completely Devoid of Sulfates

Sulfates frequently make appearances in shampoos that are seen on the shelves at drugstores and beauty supply shops. That doesn’t mean that it’s an innocuous ingredient, however. It can be detrimental to hair that has already been through significant harm. It has the ability to pull off oils that can actually be advantageous to the hair. If you want to safeguard hair oils that are positive, then you should reach for a shampoo that doesn’t include sulfates in its ingredient list. Try to reach for one that doesn’t have a significant amount of chemicals overall. Chemicals tend to be pretty harsh on the hair.

Winter Hair Protection Tip #6 Put on a Hair Hydrating Mask

Hydrating masks aren’t only for your face. That’s because you can also put them on your locks, believe it or not. If you’re frustrated by winter strands that are dehydrated and damaged, you may be able to breathe new life back into them with the assistance of a top-notch hydrating mask. Put a mask of this type on your hair once per week. Doing so may be able to bring your hair back to life. It’s okay if you don’t have a hair hydrating mask in your bathroom cabinet. It can also help to put coconut oil on the locks prior to turning in for the evening.


Contact Dorca’s Dominican Beauty Salon for More About Wintertime Hair Defense


If you want to safeguard your hair for the winter season, Dorca’s Dominican Beauty Salon can aid you. Call to make an appointment for a trimming, keratin treatment or anything else.

Keratin Hair Treatments and Gorgeous, Vibrant Locks

Keratin Hair Treatments and Gorgeous, Vibrant Locks

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Hair is like anything else. It requires proper care and maintenance on a regular basis. If you neglect looking after your hair, you may experience all kinds of issues. It may become tough to work with each morning, lack luster, or just look plain unhealthy. If your hair is suffering from recent neglect, you may want to consider getting keratin hair treatments.

The word “keratin” refers to a kind of protein that’s included in the nails, skin and hair. It offers safeguarding abilities. It’s a massive component in the foundation of your hair. That’s the reason it can also help fortify it considerably.

If you want to give your tresses a better appearance, keratin hair treatments may be a wonderful idea for you to consider. It’s a straightening treatment that can take charge of locks that are fried, frizzy, and tough to control. If you long for bouncy, smooth locks, that look like they belong in an advertisement in a magazine, then keratin hair treatments may be right up your alley.

Keratin Hair Treatments Can Help You Do Away With Frizz

People often dread frizzy hair. If you want to do anything you can to keep frizz out of your locks, then keratin hair treatments may make an effective management option. Keratin hair treatments are absorbed by locks.

At Dorcas Dominican Beauty Salon, we know you want hair that’s not susceptible to excessive dryness or even annoying knotting and tangling. This is why we strongly recommend you add a little keratin protein in your life.

Keratin even does wonders to prevent frizzy hair in a moist or muggy setting. Treatments can stop hair from becoming frizzy nightmares. People who are serious about maintaining straight hair are often the best keratin treatment candidates.

Keratin Hair Treatments Give You the Opportunity to Abandon Your Blow Drying Duties

Blow drying hair can take a lot of time and energy in the morning. It can also be harsh and aggressive on the hair. People should always heat style their hair in moderation. Excessive heat styling can lead to significant hair damage. It can make hair immoderately dry as well.

If you want to defend your hair from the possibilities of heat damage, then keratin hair treatments can come to your rescue. These treatments can free up your busy schedule in the morning as well. Opting for keratin hair treatments can save your strands from all kinds of unnecessary stress.

Keratin Hair Treatments Can Help You Maintain Striking Hair Color

Keratin treatments are good for more than just safeguarding your hair’s texture. They’re also great for color maintenance purposes, believe it or not.

People who have hair that has been through chemical treatment frequently prefer keratin assistance. If you want to extended the life of your gorgeous and vibrant hair coloring, a keratin treatment can work like a charm. Keratin treatment involves locking protein into your tresses. Hot irons accomplish this for you. Hot irons are able to lock lovely color into your hair.

There Are Numerous Keratin Treatment Categories Accessible

There are numerous options in keratin treatments accessible to people. People can go for keratin treatments that aim to replenish radiance and do away entirely with frizz. They can also go for keratin treatments that can get rid of persistent and stubborn curls.

We want you to absolutely love your results. Therefore, if you have any specific goals for your keratin treatment, be sure to discuss them in advance with one of our talented stylists here at Dorcas Dominican Beauty Salon. Our stylists can individualize your keratin treatment based on your specific objectives.

Keratin Treatments Can Stay Intact for Quite a While

The joys of keratin hair treatments do not go away quickly at all. Keratin treatments,are hair investments per say, you won’t have to worry about the results diminishing any time soon. Keratin treatment results often stay intact for a maximum of two full months. Maintaining the results of these treatments is a cinch as well. It’s as easy as cleansing your locks using a shampoo that’s devoid of sodium sulfate. Doing this can help your hair stay gorgeous and straight for a lengthier stretch of time.

Proper Care Post-Keratin Hair Treatments

Make the most out of your keratin hair treatments, refrain from washing your locks immediately after the fact. Wait about three and four days after your keratin treatment to wash your hair. Understand that keratin needs a bit of time to kick in. If you wash your locks, you could interfere with its results. Proper care can ensure that your locks remain lovely and straight for weeks and perhaps even months.

Perfect Hair Color With Skin Tone

How to Choose the Perfect Hair Color for Your Skin Tone

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If you are like most women, choosing a new hair color may feel like a daunting task. After all, hair color is an investment of both time and money. Ending up with a color that doesn’t work for your skin tone can make you feel disgruntled about your new look. However, you can choose the perfect hair color on your own or with help from a professional stylist at Dorcas Dominican Beauty Salon and by following these salon tested strategies.

Determine Your Skin Tone…

Before you can find the right hair color for your needs, you need to know whether you have a warm or cool skin tone. This can be easy to do at home. Before getting started, make sure you have a makeup free face and plenty of natural lighting. This test is best performed in the daytime near an open window. First, hold your arm up to the light and examine the color of your veins. If they appear more blue than green, you likely have a cool skin tone. Likewise, if they are more green than blue, you have a warm complexion. Another way to determine your skin tone is to hold up a red and blue blouse next to your face. In a mirror, examine which color looks best against your complexion. If you find that red is more flattering, your skin is warm. If the blue looks best, your skin is cool.

Knowing whether you have warm or cool skin will help you narrow down your hair color options. Cool skin tones look best with shades of ash, such as light ash blonde or a smokey medium brown. Warm complexions look best in gold, copper and beige hues.

Stay Close to Your Current Shade…

As a general rule of thumb, it is best to stay within three levels of your current hair color. For example, if you have light brown hair, you may go up to a medium blonde or as low as a dark brown. Choosing something more intense may not look natural and clash with your skin tone. However, this rule can be broken in some cases.

If you are looking for a dramatic change in hair color, such as going platinum or jet black, it can still work but will require input from a professional hair colorist. Many warm skin tones can flaunt rich shades of golden blonde and honey, but may not look best in platinum as it can wash them out. However, your stylist may be able to incorporate highlights or low lights to give you a dimensional effect and incorporate your desired color in a way that best suits your skin tone.

Opt for Semi Permanent Color…

Before fully committing yourself to a permanent hair color, consider trying semi permanent dye instead. These formulas are less damaging on the hair and only last for a few weeks, making them a great option for anyone who is unsure that color they want long term.

Another method is to try on wigs in your desired hair color. If you are still unsure, simply consult with a professional hair colorist. They can help you determine the best level for your skin tone and desired look.

Finding the right hair color for your complexion is easy when you know what kind of skin tone you have. From there, it’s simply a matter of determining how light or dark you want your hair to be and whether or not you want a multi dimensional effect such as from highlights.

Before your hair coloring appointment, find photos of your desired color in magazines or online to bring with you. This will give your stylist a better idea of what you want so they can help you get as close as possible to it.

The Advantages of Dominican Blowouts

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Do You Need a Dominican Blowout?

Most people are already well-versed in standard blowouts. Dominican blowouts, however, are still totally unfamiliar to many. These blowouts are rapidly gaining momentum and popularity in Dominican beauty salons located all throughout the United States, though. If you dream about healthy, beautiful hair that’s a cinch to care for and manage, then you may be the perfect candidate for an upcoming Dominican blowout. Dominican blowouts make looking great feel easy and enjoyable. They’re associated with a handful of serious perks.

Dominican Blowouts Can Do Wonders for Hair

These blowouts can work pure magic on hair, plain and simple. Other blowouts simply cannot compare. If you’re passionate about locks that are smooth, radiant and soft, then you need a Dominican blowout as soon as possible. If you’re enthusiastic about strands that look like they’re straight out of a glamorous movie, then you need one without delay, too. Stylists who perform Dominican blowouts employ round brushes and blow dryers alone, nothing more and nothing less. They blow and brush individual segments of hair until they attain soft and luxurious perfection. Note that they use blow dryers that are especially hot. Stylists, as a result, put lots of heat protectant on locks to prepare them for the high heat levels. People who dream about gorgeous and eye-catching hair that’s suitable for events of all types just cannot say no to the charms Dominican blowouts offer them. If you covet hair that’s sultry, gorgeous and seemingly effortless, then nothing can even come close to a classic Dominican blowout.

Dominican Blowouts Are Good for the Budget

There are so many hair treatments nowadays that seem to cost an arm and a leg. Dominican blowouts are not part of that pricey category at all. If you want to pamper your locks without squandering a fortune, the Dominican blowout path is for you. Fans of affordability and terrific value can’t resist Dominican blowouts and all they can do. These treatments typically include hair washing, basic trims, comprehensive deep conditioning, and, lastly, blowouts. People can get so much without having to fork over substantial sums of money.

Dominican Blowouts Are Terrific for All Different Kinds of Hair

Dominican blowouts are in no way, shape or form restricted to certain kinds of hair. They can actually work beautifully on hair of all varieties. It doesn’t matter if your hair has a particularly stiff texture. It doesn’t matter if its texture is baby-fine, either. The Dominican Republic is a nation that’s home to individuals who have all kinds of hair textures. That’s the reason blowouts from this wonderful Spanish-speaking country are suitable for so many categories of hair. They can be ideal for people who possess curly strands, wavy strands, straight strands or anything else in the middle. If you have curly hair that you want to make look straight for a while, a nice Dominican blowout can do the trick.

Dominican Blowouts Do Not Require Significant Time Commitments

If you have a busy schedule, you don’t have to fear Dominican blowouts. These blowouts don’t call for significant time commitments. People who want to achieve gorgeous and stunning locks without staying in the salon for hours and hours on end can always depend on Dominican blowouts. These blowouts can also be wonderful for fans of efficiency in general. That’s because they can make peoples’ morning hair preparation routines a lot easier and smoother. If you get a Dominican blowout, you can enjoy locks that easy to work with and perfect. Dominican blowouts can work wonderfully for people who don’t want to devote substantial amounts of time to in-depth hair care techniques in the morning. Mornings can be hectic and chaotic. Why waste time worrying about your hair routine, anyway? A Dominican blowout can save you from all of that hassle and stress.

Dominican Blowouts Can Take Your Confidence to a Brand New Level

Nothing beats hair that looks great. Bad hair days can make you feel awful about yourself. They can make you feel more than a little reluctant to leave your home in the morning as well. If you want to avoid feeling terrible about your locks and your appearance in general, a Dominican blowout can go an extremely long way. Dominican blowouts can give people hair that looks like it’s straight off the pages of fashion magazines. If you want your hair to appear polished and meticulous, nothing on the planet can touch a Dominican blowout that’s done properly. A Dominican blowout can give you a feeling of confidence and self-esteem that’s quite simply matchless. People who want to walk down the streets feeling like they own the universes can get a lot out of these hair treatments. Dominican blowouts, in brief, are a must for people who simply want to feel great.

The Seven Secrets To The Perfect Blowout

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Failed Blowouts

Most individuals have received the perfect blowout, only it never seems to last until their next appointment. This is usually because if your hair is not styled straight enough, it will not stay straight. The result is a failed blowout, and this can happen for many different reasons.

Excess Product

Protecting your hair form a blow-dryer is one thing, too much product is another. Many people layer it on with a heat protectant shampoo, conditioner, leave in and blow dry cream. Then comes the straightening balm and spritz. Your hair may appear straight and smooth when you use that hot comb, but you didn’t really straighten it. You simply weighed it down with all those products. Once the products start wearing off, your curls will be back. When it comes to heat protection products, one or two is enough. Just use a little, and cover your hair. Your hair will actually be straight, as well as smooth and protected. If you have worked the product in well, less is more.

The Heat Factor

Excess heat can damage your hair, and the protein in your hair can become deformed. Although the heat level depends on the content of your water and other assorted factors, the standard for damage is 140 to 200 degrees. At this point your hair cannot be repaired, and will not go back to the way it was before. All the tools you use for heat styling must be kept under this temperature, or once water touches your hair, it will curl. Wait until you are close to the danger level of heat before you straighten your hair.

Damaged Hair

Another problem is when your hair looks smooth from the roots to just above the tips. You decide you missed something in those tips, so you run your iron over them a few more times. When nothing changes, you turn up that heat and do it again. The reason your tips are not smooth is because they are permanently damaged. This could be from simple wear and tear, dryness, too much heat or tool abuse. The only solution is to cut of the tips, and create new ones. When you do not get your hair straight from the beginning it is more affected by humidity, and it will revert to your natural curls and waves.

The Water

You can use an umbrella, or wrap your hair in a scarf beneath you shower cap, but this is not enough. You must look at the ingredients in your hair products. Even products designed to straighten your hair when you use heat contain water. This not only helps prevent straightening, it encourages curls. When water touches your hair, the hydrogen bonds will reform. This means your hair will curl. When you look at the ingredients, remember aqua is another name for water. If you see humectants, this is an invitation for water. The most common are near the end of the ingredients and include squalene, propylene glycol and glycerine. You can seal out the water by using a product with hydrophobic silicones near the beginning of the list. Some of the best sealants are amodimethicone and dimethicone. If your area has high humidity, some of that water will end up in your hair. Even the best sealants are affected by water.

The Smooth Factor

You must smooth your hair as much as you possibly can before, during and after your straightening process. Once your hair receives enough heat, it will begin to straighten. There is no reason to turn up the heat, and continue increasing how many times you run your hairdryer or iron over your hair. Just stretch your hair as much as you can while it remains pliable. Use deep treatments, smoothing conditioners and roller sets. Improve your technique for ironing and brushing, and as soon as you have finished straightening, wrap your hair.

The Sections

Sectioning your hair will help get every single strand straight. Heat cannot get to the inner layers if your sections are too large, and the outer layers will protect the inner. Although the tension and heat will combine to make your hair appear straight, it will not last. After a couple hours, the hair you missed will start to shrink, and you will be left with a puffy appearance. Keep your sections small, no wider than your iron.

The Resistance Factor

If you have done everything right, corrected any mistakes, and your hair is still not straight, it may be resistant. Some people have unusually resistant hair, and heat will not straighten the strands. The good news is, this means your hair is extremely strong, and can grow much longer. There are so many lovely styles for curly hair you may want to give a try. Just embrace the curls in your hair.

How To Take Care Of A Dominican Blowout On Naturally Curly Hair

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A Dominican Blowout on naturally curly hair can be a favorite style that is worn during those warm, sultry months in both spring and summer. This low maintenance hairstyle is a chemical free way to straighten your long tresses and hit the streets with your hot new look. Fashion-wise it is believed that the Dominican Republic was the first to create this fabulous new look and it was not long after that other salon seized the opportunity and offered the blowout to their clients.

So What Is A Dominican Blowout?

The Dominican Blowout consists of a simple routine of washing the hair and blow drying it. That is the Dominican Blowout in its purest form. Of course, there is a lot more to it than a simple wash and dry. Stylists use a whole host of tools to get the right look such as using Magnetic Rollers, a Round Brush, a Hooded Hair Dryer and even some Butterfly Clamps.

The Routine Stylists Use To Do A Dominican Blowout

  • First off, the hair is washed and cleansed of all debris and dirt. Super clean hair naturally behaves better when heated and will be more pliable to sculpt.
  • Next, comes the Magnetic Rollers, which can take up to 2 hours to set. This is where patience is a virtue. 2 hours is a long time to wait to bring a magazine.
  • After the hair has dried naturally with the rollers, the stylist will take the rollers out and use the round brush to blow dry, plump and pimp out the hair. This is where the magic happens. The hair will be incredibly silky at this stage.

How To Do A Dominican Blowout Without Rollers

Some people do not have this equipment to do it professionally although a lot of people still try. If you are doing this from home and do not possess a set of Magnetic Rollers, just wash and dry the hair and using a round brush, straighten out the hair as it dries. Then merely flat iron the hair and wrap it in a doobie.

Can You Do A Dominican Blowout On Short Hair?

Of course, you can. A Dominican Blowout is excellent on any length of hair. You can achieve a silky, smooth tress of hair. If you find your hair is too short for rollers, ask the stylist to do a particular dry off with a round brush straightening the hair.

How Long Does A Dominican Blowout Last?

A Dominican Blowout can last anywhere between 1 and four weeks depending on a lot of factors such as how the hair’s porosity. The lower amount of hair porosity lends itself to the blowout lasting longer than four weeks. A higher porosity means the hair is a little burned. It does come down to how well you manage your hair and how you look after it too.

How To Maintain A Dominican Blowout?

We are going to talk about what is crucial in maintaining a Dominican Blowout that will last the most extended amount of time. Those people who are limited on time may not be able to manage their hair like people who have the time and the ability to style their hair. The key to maintaining your hair is to keep the hair SUPER dry. That means not having hot steamy showers, keeping out of the rain, staying cool in humid environments. In fact avoiding any moisture producing activities.

That might be easier said than done. Even some moisturizers and skin creams can interfere with a Dominican Blowout. In fact, if you were to look after the blowout carefully revitalize the hair with a little bit of olive oil especially if the Dominican Blowout slightly burnt your hair.

How Much Does A Dominican Blowout Cost?

A Dominican Blowout can cost anywhere from $15 to $60 depending on whether you use an expensive salon, you use Magnetic Rollers or whether you use various hair serums. There is no set cost. Just depends on where you go. Obviously, you want value so feel free to shop around.

How Often Can You Have A Dominican Blowout?

There is no set guide for you to follow other than keeping an eye on your hair and its propensity to heat damage. Nothing is stopping you from having it done every month or every six weeks. Optimally, your hair should be allowed to breathe and revitalize itself throughout these intensive treatments. As long as your hair remains plump, bouncy and full of shine, having a regular Dominican Blowout is alright.

What Hair Treatments Should I Use Between Dominican Blowouts?

If you are regularly getting Dominican Blowouts each month it is recommended that you use a Deep Conditioning Treatment to help with the heat. For the best Dominican Blowouts in Cary, visit Dorcas Dominican Beauty Salon today!

Reasons Your Hair Is Breaking And What You Can Do To Stop It

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It is natural for your hair to shed. In fact, it is normal to lose 100 to 125 strands of hair. However, if your hair starts breaking off excessively, then it will not be able to retain length. If your hair has been the same length for a long time, then it is probably breaking off. Fortunately, there are things that you can do to retain length. The key to retaining length is to find out what is breaking your hair off.

Lack of Moisture

Your hair is more likely to break off if you are not moisturizing it. After you wash your hair, you will need to use a conditioner. Shampoos have a tendency to dry your hair, but the conditioner can replenish the moisture that is lost. You will also need to find out whether you have hard water or soft water. Hard water has heavy metals and chlorine can ruin your hair.

It is also important to note that the curlier your hair is, the more moisture it needs. You should apply a moisturizer to your hair as soon as it starts to feel dry.

You Have Split Ends

It is possible for your hair to grow with split ends, but it will likely continue to break off until you get them trimmed. Many people are reluctant to get their ends trimmed because they do not want to have shorter hair. However, when a trim is performed the right way, it will only remove the dead ends. The rest of your hair will be left intact.

It is important to note that split ends get worse over time. More hair will need to be cut if you wait too long. Furthermore, there is no miracle product that can remove split ends. There are products that you can use that will make split ends less noticeable to other people. However, these products do not replace regular hair trims.

The type of hair that you have will determine how often you will need to get your hair cut. However, most people need to get a hair trim every three or four months.

Washing Your Hair Hair Too Often

Washing your hair is important because it removes dirt and product build-up. However, you do not want to wash your hair too often. The number of times that you need to wash your hair per week is dependent on your hair texture. Most people do not need to wash your hair too often.

Your hair is stripped of its natural oils when you wash it too much. It is also important to note that drying your hair with a towel can lead to breakage. Towel-drying causes your hair to become tangled. That is why it is a good idea to use a t-shirt to dry your hair.

Incorrectly Applied Chemicals

Many people prefer to apply relaxers and color at home. While this may seem convenient, it is not something that you should do. Incorrectly applying chemicals can lead to breakage. Additionally, if you use a relaxer and color at the same time, then your hair is going to suffer even more damage.

Only professionals should be applying relaxers and color. They know exactly how much should be applied. They also know how to apply these things without damaging your hair.

Not Getting Enough Protein

Your diet can affect your hair health. If you are deficient in protein, then your hair is likely to break off. Your hair is made up of a substance called keratin. This is a protein. Chia seeds, eggs, almonds and edamame are great sources of protein.

Using Too Much Heat

Flat irons, curling irons and blow-dryers make life easier. However, you do not want to use these things more than once a week. Excessive heat can cause damage to your hair. Keep in mind that there are alternatives to heat. For example, instead of curling your hair, you can use magnetic rollers. You can also twist or braid your hair while it is still wet.

Using a Cotton Pillowcase

A cotton pillowcase can cause breakage by creating friction between your hair and the fabric. That is why it is best for you to use a silk or satin pillowcase. These pillowcases cut down on the snagging.

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