How To Keep Beautiful Hair All Summer

How To Keep Beautiful Hair All Summer


Summertime can be your hair’s best friend. No more cold weather to dry out your hair and scalp. It is the perfect season to keep your lovely locks au naturel. However, there is a lot of heat and humidity that you must consider for proper hair care. Try some of these easy hacks to fight the frizz and have a healthy mane all summer:

Beautiful Hair All Summer

Beauty Undercover

While we need a certain amount of sunlight to regulate our moods and help our body make essential Vitamin D, there are dangerous ultraviolet rays that we must avoid. The same rays that are harmful to your skin are also bad for your hair. Protect your hair from the blazing summer sun by wearing hats or trendy scarves. It will also make your scalp less likely to get dehydrated. Color-treated hair can quickly be ruined by overexposure to the sun. Seek out shade as much as possible, or carry an umbrella during peak sun.

Give Your Hair A Rest

Tight, severe hair styles can be harmful to hair that is already weak from heat and humidity. These styles can pull your hair and cause it to break. Consider loose ponytails and relaxed braids. Your hair will be managed more easily and you can wear protective hats better.

Wash Your Hair Every Other Day

Hot summer weather can dry your hair and make your scalp’s oil glands work overtime. If you wash your hair every day, it can deplete the natural oils that you need. Your oil glands will overproduce and you will need to wash your hair even more. Try combing cornstarch through your hair on the days you do not wash it. You can also wipe away excess oil with a cotton ball that is saturated with witch hazel. These tricks will keep your hair fresh until you wash it again.

Trade In Your Brush For a Comb

One of the worst things you can use for detangling your hair is a brush. This is especially true for wet hair. Brushes snag tangles and can cause severe breakage. Wait until your hair is dry and use a wide-toothed comb instead. It will gently smooth and untangle your hair.

Turn Down The Heat

Instead of using a blow dryer, let your hair dry naturally. After being out in the hot sun, your hair does not need the extra heat. If you must blow dry, do it on the lowest setting. Since you are wearing simpler hair styles, you will not need your curling iron or flat iron. You will not have to worry about stressing your hair with any more heat damage.

Your Hair Needs Hydrated

There are many great proprietary brands of hair spritzers on the market. You can make your own by mixing a little bit of organic coconut oil with water. Put it in a spray bottle and give your hair a little spritz throughout the day. Hydrated hair stays healthier and is easier to manage.

Do Not Forget Hair Conditioner

It might be hard to believe, but a good DIY hair conditioner is diluted apple cider vinegar. Use it to rinse your hair after washing. If you want your locks to have a healthy shine, then rub a little olive oil or shea butter into them. Be careful to use just a little bit, so you do not make your hair too greasy.

Once a week, rub some rich coconut oil in your hair and wrap it up in a warm towel. Let your tresses soak in the deep conditioning for about 30 minutes. Your hair will be nourished from root to tip.

Get Rid Of The Green

Chlorine is a formidable enemy of your hair—especially if you are a blonde. Dips in the pool commonly give blonde or color-treated hair a hideous green tint. The good news is that you do not have to look like the Grinch all swimming season. Simply mix two cups of cold water with a ½ cup of apple cider vinegar before you get into the pool. It will block most of the chlorine from absorbing in your delicate hair.

Your Hair Needs Sunscreen, Too!

While health experts strongly recommend sunscreen for your skin, they often do not stress UV protection enough for people’s hair. There are a few shampoos on the market that feature sun block. If you would rather stick with a more organic shampoo, then simply rub a little sunscreen through your locks after you are finished with your skin.

Get Sun-kissed Hair Without The Beach

There is a unique beauty that sun and salt give to your hair. To give yourself that beachcomber look without a trip to the ocean, make your own sea salt spray. Fill a small spray bottle with cold water, and add a teaspoon of natural sea salt with one teaspoon of your favorite carrier oil (i.e. olive, coconut, hemp). Spray it on your damp hair and make a few finger waves. Your main will be moisturized and you will look like you spent all day at the beach. These tips will help you have beautiful hair all summer

If you want your hair to look its best this summer, then take proper care of it. By keeping it safe from the sun and following a daily moisturizing routine, you will have beach locks that would even make Bo Derek envious! Lastly, we do haircuts, hair coloring, keratin treatments, and Dominican blowouts.