Where to Go to Get a Quality Kids Hair Cut

Kids Hair Cuts

Wonder where you can go to get quality kids hair cut? Look no further than Dorcas Dominican Beauty Salon in Cary, NC. We don’t just cut adult hair. We also provide services to children! You can schedule side-by-side hair cuts with your kids. This short guide lets you know why it’s beneficial to have your … Read more

What to Look for in a Good Cosmetologist

Good Cosmetologist

A good cosmetologist is worth their weight in gold. They go above and beyond for their clients to make sure the look that they give them is precisely what they asked for cosmetically. If you’re searching for the right professional to give your business to, you’re in luck. There are talented individuals throughout the city, … Read more

The Benefits of Deep Conditioning Your Hair Regularly

Deep Conditioning

Among the best things you can do for your scalp and hair is to deep conditioning them. Having your stylist give your freshly cut and colored strands the VIP treatment is highly beneficial. It restores moisture to your hair, making it look and feel its very best. You’ll feel like a million bucks after you … Read more

Your New Haircut: How to Get the Most Mileage Out of it

Your New Haircut

Do you know that feeling that you have after your hair has been freshly washed and cut? What if you could make it last as long as possible before scheduling your next appointment with your hairdresser? Get a New Haircut at Dorcas Dominican Beauty Salon. Would you be willing to change some of your hard-pressed … Read more

Finding the Right Cosmetologist in Cary, NC

Cosmetologist in Cary

A cosmetologist is a business professional that you want by your side at all times. They’re able to make you look and feel your very best. When you have a special event to attend, they give you extra time and attention to make sure that you look the part. A cosmetologist in Cary, NC, becomes … Read more

2020 Haircut Trends You’ll Want to Try Yourself

Haircut Trends

A new year calls for a new you. When thinking about 2020 haircut trends and all the good fortune it brings, consider what an investment a new haircut is. Not only will it help you feel your best, but it also allows you to embrace the decade’s hottest new haircut trends. All you need to … Read more

Changes To Make To Your Hair Routine During the Fall Season

Your Hair Routine

While it’s sad to kiss summer goodbye, there’s plenty to look forward to in fall and winter. This is the season for cozy sweaters, cool temperatures, and fun fall and winter fashion. This should help with your hair routine for the fall and winter months! You probably already know that you need to change your … Read more

Winter Hair Protection Options

Winter Hair Protection

Keeping Your Locks Lovely and Healthy All Winter Long The cold winter season can do a number on your skin, causing dryness and flakes galore. That’s the reason that it’s no shocker that it can also wreak havoc on your locks. If you want to keep your strands gorgeous and healthy regardless of the lower … Read more