2020 Haircut Trends You’ll Want to Try Yourself

Haircut Trends

A new year calls for a new you. When thinking about 2020 haircut trends and all the good fortune it brings, consider what an investment a new haircut is. Not only will it help you feel your best, but it also allows you to embrace the decade’s hottest new haircut trends. All you need to … Read more

Changes To Make To Your Hair Routine During the Fall Season

Your Hair Routine

While it’s sad to kiss summer goodbye, there’s plenty to look forward to in fall and winter. This is the season for cozy sweaters, cool temperatures, and fun fall and winter fashion. This should help with your hair routine for the fall and winter months! You probably already know that you need to change your … Read more

Winter Hair Protection Options

Winter Hair Protection

Keeping Your Locks Lovely and Healthy All Winter Long The cold winter season can do a number on your skin, causing dryness and flakes galore. That’s the reason that it’s no shocker that it can also wreak havoc on your locks. If you want to keep your strands gorgeous and healthy regardless of the lower … Read more

Popular 2019 Hair Coloring Trends

Hair Coloring Trends

Hair coloring can drastically change your appearance, style, and persona. If done right, it can make you even look younger. Whenever you’re flipping through magazines, you can tell just how much hair coloring do wonders for celebrities. Finding the right hair color is key to making you feel your best yet. You can go about … Read more

5 Ways to Protect Your Hair in the Summertime

Protect Your Hair

Summertime brings high heat and humidity, which doesn’t agree with most hair types. But that doesn’t mean you have to avoid the pool or sun to protect your hair this summer. There’s no need to wear a big ugly floppy hat. Instead, there are plenty of ways to protect your hair and avoid damage, so … Read more

Keratin Treatments in Cary, NC

Keratin Treatments in Cary

Keratin treatments in Cary are becoming big crazes in beauty salons all over the United States. They’ve been big presences in Dominican salons for quite some time already, too. These treatments, in short, cater to people who have hair that’s on the unhealthy side. If you want to do your tired locks a massive favor, … Read more

Hair Care for Active Women: Everything You Need To Know

Hair Care

With summer coming up, more and more women are hitting the gym and staying active to get ready for beach and pool season. However, an active lifestyle can make your hair care routine a nightmare. If you wash your hair after every workout, your hair will feel clean but it might also become dry and … Read more

Signs You Need To Wash Your Hair

Your Hair Has Started to Smell If your hair smells, then it is time for you to wash it. This smell is due to the buildup of dirt and oil in your hair. Many people decide to mask the smell of their hair by spraying a product on it. However, the best way for you … Read more

How To Make Your Blowout Last Longer

Many of us have had the experience of getting a nice hairstyle and then waking up the next day and realizing that it was messed up. The way you treat your hair after you leave the salon will determine how long your blowout will last. There are several things that you can do to ensure … Read more

Dominican Blowouts and Gorgeous Hair

Dominican blowouts have been staples in many hair salons for years and years now. They’ve been getting a lot of praise from beauty-savvy individuals in recent times, too, and understandably so. What exactly is a Dominican blowout, anyway? It’s a method that, true to its naming, originated in the Caribbean nation that’s known as the … Read more