Why You Would Want to Pay for Wash and Set Hair Service

Wash and Set Hair

Among the many services provided at our Dominican salon is wash and set hair service. If you’ve never needed to have your hair wash or set by a professional but want to do so now, you’re in luck. We’re among the best salons in town. Customers love us because of the attention to detail that … Read more

Popular 2019 Hair Coloring Trends

Hair Coloring Trends

Popular 2019 Hair Coloring Trends   Hair coloring can drastically change your appearance, style, and persona. If done right, it can make you even look younger. Whenever you’re flipping through magazines, you can tell just how much hair coloring do wonders for celebrities. Finding the right hair color is key to making you feel your … Read more

Popular Hair Coloring Trends in 2018

Hair Coloring Trends

As women, our hair plays a large role in our appearance and self-expression. Your current hair color from last year may not reflect the message you want to portray this year. Here are the top hair coloring trends in 2018. Hair coloring trends in 2018 bring some new things to the table so that you … Read more

Expert Tips for Getting the Perfect Hair Color

Coloring your hair with the perfect hair color can make you look years younger. While there are a number of coloring products available in local drugstores, these products may cause long-term damage to your hair when used incorrectly. Even worse, you may end up with a completely different color than what you originally intended. For … Read more

7 Secrets to Making Your Hair Color Last Longer

Naturally Radiant

7 Secrets to Making Your Hair Color Last Longer   Changing your hair color is a great way to get a new look for the season. Whether you are lightening up for the summer or going dark for the winter, this one small change can have a huge impact on your look. From highlights and … Read more