Haircare Routine: Fall & Winter Changes To Consider

Haircare Routine: Fall & Winter Changes To Consider

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While it’s sad to kiss summer goodbye, there’s plenty to look forward to in fall and winter. This is the season for cozy sweaters, cool temperatures and fun fall and winter fashion.You probably already know that you need to change your wardrobe when fall comes around, but you might not realize that you should also be making changes to your haircare routine. To help you make this fall and winter your best ever, here are the cold weather changes that you need to make to your haircare routine.

Shampoo a Little Less

Anyone with a Dominican hair type already knows that too much shampooing can strip the scalp of the natural oils needed to keep hair healthy. However, many women have no choice but to shampoo a little extra during the summer, as the high heat and humidity can cause excessive oiliness and build-up. Once fall rolls around and temperatures drop, reduce the amount of times per week that you shampoo your hair. This will keep your locks healthy, moisturized and illustrious.

Introduce a Deep Conditioning Mask Into Your Routine

The humidity of summer can cause a lot of frizz and fly-aways, but it can also keep a lot of moisture in the hair. As the weather shifts from humid to dry, however, the hair can become drier in turn. Tweak your haircare routine to combat winter dryness. Try using a once-a-week deep conditioning mask or hot oil treatment. Throughout the week, you can use a hydrating serum or leave-in treatment to maintain moisture between conditioning treatments.

Use Heat, But Do It The Right Way

Many Dominican women embrace their natural texture during the summer, allowing those natural curls and waves to finally have their moment in the spotlight. Embracing your natural hair texture during summer is a fantastic plan since the heat and humidity can often sabotage any attempts to style the hair with heat.

In the fall and winter months, you might want to return to relaxing or straightening your hair. If you choose to return to heat styling, be sure to do it the right way. Always use a product that protects the hair from high heat before you begin to style it. Never use a flat iron or hot comb on your hair if it’s excessively damaged or if you have split ends that need to be trimmed. Hot tools can make existing damage worse, so get a haircut and a deep conditioning treatment to remedy any damage before you attempt to style with heat.

Treat Yourself To A Keratin Treatment

Fall is a time of new beginnings, as well as a new seasonal haircare routine. Consider kicking off this new season the right way by treating yourself to a professional keratin treatment. Not only does a keratin treatment restore hydration and health to the hair, but it can help to tame and smooth kinky and troublesome hair that never seems to want to lay flat. A professional keratin treatment can be life-changing to any woman who struggles to keep her hair straight and smooth.

Do a Product Purge

The changing of the seasons is a perfect time to go through your inventory of hair products and toss out anything that’s not working or that might be past its expiration date. Throw anything that’s expired into the trash and give away any items that simply don’t work for your needs. Just because a specific product doesn’t seem to agree with your particular hair type doesn’t mean it won’t work beautifully for one of your friends or family members.

Consider Making a Big Change

Autumn is the time when the leaves fall away and the colors of the foliage begin to change. Draw inspiration from the changing colors of fall and try changing the color of your hair. Fall is the perfect time to finally try a new hair color on for size, especially if you’re going back to school or switching to a new job. You’re sure to make a big impression at those holiday parties if you try something new and different with your hair for fall.

Whether you want to simply trim away those split ends or make a big change, we want to help. At Dorcas Dominican Beauty Salon, we specialize in cuts and color for Dominican hair types, in addition to professional blowouts and keratin treatments to give you the sleek and smooth hair of your dreams.

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Long straight hair

5 Hot Ways to Maintain Your Straight Hair on the Dog Days of Summer

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Maintain your straight hair. When the humidity and heat are on, many women turn to their natural styles. But there are some natural women who want to keep their hair straight. Maybe you’re one of those women who want to change up their look. You don’t want to waste your hard work and effort on a straight style that doesn’t last longer than a day. The following tips will keep your hair silky smooth from day one. These tips will help you maintain your straight hair.

1 – Determine Your Reason to Straighten Your Hair

Before you even pick up that flat iron, consider your reason for straightening your hair. Do you want to straighten it for an upcoming event? Or do you want to try a new look? You’re better off straightening your hair in a cooler season such as fall or winter. If you really want to straighten your hair, then keep in mind that your hair can turn into a frizzy mess the moment you head outside.

2 – Plan Your Straightening Time Accordingly

If you have enough time on your hands, allow your hair to air dry. You can also stand in front of a fan so your hair can dry faster. Blowing drying before flat ironing is unnecessary since you’ll be spending most of your time in the heat. Putting your hair through so much heat is not good. Use an anti-frizz serum that allows your hair to dry without getting frizzy. Since straightening your hair will take a few hours, it’s important to give yourself enough time to plan accordingly.

3 – Wrap Your Hair Every Night

Learning how to wrap your hair every night will provide you with an easy and heat-free way to style it in the morning. Wrapping your hair gives your hair more body and volume and doesn’t require any heat. But not everyone is good at wrapping. Thankfully, YouTube has plenty of free tutorials that can show you how to effectively wrap your hair so it doesn’t fall out.

You can also wear your hair in Bantu knots or pin-curls to keep your straightened hair frizz-free during the night. Both of these styles take mere minutes to do, so maintaining your straight style at night won’t take up your time. You don’t have to worry about staying up late at night just so you can wake up with frizz-free and sweat-proof locks.

4 – Invest in the Right Haircare Products

Buy an anti-frizz shampoo and conditioner with essential oils and nourishing ingredients. You’ll also need an anti-frizz primer or heat protector spray that you’ll apply before straightening your hair. Then you’ll want to hold your look together with glossing cream and a tiny spritz of hair spray. Use only a small amount to prevent greasy locks from forming, and spray four to six inches away from your head. Having the right hair products can help you maintain your straight hair.

You’ll also want to use lightweight serums and oils in the summertime. Either of these products will make your hair look as bouncy and lightweight as possible, even on the hottest of days. If you have fine hair, then apply the products to your ends. While most serums and oils are expensive, a little will go a long way when it comes to combatting frizz.

Finally, you should also use anti-humectant products. Most climates are fighting with humidity throughout most of the summer and fall months. This humidity is especially in July, August, and September, but there’s still plenty of moisture in the air that will fight with your hair texture. Invest in products that are made to combat frizz and humidity.

5 – Protect Your Hair as Much as Possible

It can be hard to maintain a straight style if you exercise a lot. But some women make it look so easy. It’s important to wear your hair the right way when you’re partaking in rigorous activity. No matter what length they are, you should wrap them in a braid, bun, or twist.

This is also an appropriate time to wear a cotton scarf since it can keep sweat away. Don’t forget to keep your hair protected when you jump into the shower following your workout. You want to prevent steam and water from turning your look into a frizzy mess. You can wrap your hair in your favorite wrap style.

Top it off with a cotton scarf or silky scarf tied around your hair. Even wearing two scarves can keep moisture at bay. Then you’ll want to wear a shower cap that doesn’t fall off and prevents water from leaking in. You’re likely to find a scarf and shower cap that comes in pretty colors and fun prints.

If you follow these steps this should help you maintain your straight hair. Once you’ve gotten your regimen down, you should keep your hair as smooth and silky as possible. The goal is to look like you stepped out of a hair salon rather than a pool party.

summer hair

5 Ways To Protect Your Hair During Summer

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Protect Your Hair – Summertime brings high heat and humidity, which doesn’t agree with most hair types. But that doesn’t mean you have to avoid the pool or sun to protect your hair this summer. There’s no need to wear a big ugly floppy hat. Instead, there are plenty of ways to protect your hair and avoid damage, so you can attend that barbeque or beach party.

The following tips can also help treat your hair. Chlorine, humidity, and sunlight are enough to cause damage and frizz on your hair. But that doesn’t mean you should hide in your room all summer. To keep your hair beautiful, healthy and strong, you need to pay extra attention to your locks. Sometimes that involves changing up your hair care routine and removing some products.

Say Bye-Bye to Frizz

If you’re someone who has naturally curly hair, then you know how much summer can wreak havoc on it. The humidity causes frizz and more frizz. The best way to combat frizz is to change your hair care routine with products that are specially made for curly hair. For example, using shampoo and conditioner with coconut and Jojoba oil that softens and moisturizes your hair.

You should also change up the styling products you use. After washing your hair with shampoo and conditioner, apply crème pudding onto damp hair to prevent frizz from happening. If you have straight hair that’s prone to frizz, work serum into soaking wet or towel-dried hair. A lightweight serum can prevent frizz and increase shine.

Throw Out Those Heat Styling Tools

Blow dryers, curling irons, and straighteners can also make your hair worse in the summer. This heat on heat action leads to more damage to your hair and scalp. Get rid of those styling tools and use a heat-free style method instead. If you prefer to use heat styling tools, blow dry your hair completely before using a curling iron or straightening iron. And it’s highly recommended to use heat styling tools in an air-conditioned room of your house.

Shake Up Your Shampoo Routine

Hot weather means more sweat, which means you’ll be washing your hair more often. Therefore, you should use a gentle shampoo for daily use. A cleansing shampoo washes your hair without stripping it of its nutrients and moisture. It often contains ingredients such as moisturizing lipids that leaves your hair soft, strong, and beautiful.

Use a Lightweight Daily Conditioner

If you’re someone with fine, thin hair then you’re probably afraid of using conditioner. It’s not going to weigh your hair down. If you don’t use conditioner, you’re at risk of getting frizz. Use a lightweight conditioner that melts into your hair and rinse away easily, which makes it the ideal choice for fine hair.

Replenish Moisture With a Serum

Even if you use heat styling tools, walking in the sun can lead to damage, even in the summer months. Use a protecting serum that treats damaged, overworked, and stressed the hair. There’s no need to rinse out this product. It’ll continue working and fight damage and frizz even while you’re asleep.

active woman

Everything Active Girls Need To Know About Hair Care

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With summer coming up, more and more women are hitting the gym and staying active to get ready for beach and pool season. However, an active lifestyle can make your hair care routine a nightmare. If you wash your hair after every workout, your hair will feel clean but it might also become dry and frizzy. However, if you skip washing your hair after your gym session, your scalp might feel dirty and oily.

It’s possible to maintain an active lifestyle without sacrificing great hair. Here’s everything active girls need to know about hair care.

You Should Not Be Washing Your Hair Every day, No Matter What

With the exception of a rare few who suffer from excessive oiliness on their scalps, just about no one should be washing their hair every day, regardless of their active lifestyle. Ideally, you should be washing your hair two to three times a week, which will keep it clean without stripping it of the natural oils it needs to remain healthy and vibrant.

Dry Shampoo Should Be A Must-Have In Your Gym Bag

Dry shampoo allows you to remove excess oil and grime from the scalp without stripping your hair of its natural moisture. On no-washing days, blast your scalp with a generous amount of dry shampoo after your workout and then massage it in with your fingertips.

Time Your Washing Days To Your Most Strenuous Gym Days

Very few of us do the same workout every single day. Instead, we tend to mix it up by alternating low intensity and high-intensity days. Designate your high-intensity days as you hair-washing days and rely on dry shampoo for those lower intensity days where you aren’t sweating as much.

Alternate Your Gym Hairstyle

Many of us pull our hair into the same top knot or ponytail whenever we go to the gym. However, this could actually be causing split ends and breakage. When you pull your hair into the same bun or ponytail each day, you’re creating tension at the scalp that can weaken and break the hair. Instead, alternate hairstyles to ensure that you aren’t creating tension in the same spot. Wear a ponytail one day and then do a loose braid the next to protect the strength and elasticity of your hair.

Brush Your Hair Regularly

You don’t have to turn into Marcia Brady and commit to 100 strokes a night. However, brushing your hair regularly will ensure that oil is evenly distributed from your scalp to the ends, which will keep your hair healthy and make it appear less “dirty.” If you wear tight curls and can’t brush, distribute oils by regularly working a fine-toothed comb or your fingers through your curls.

You shouldn’t have to sacrifice beautiful hair to stay in shape. If you follow these tips, you can stay fit and keep your hair gorgeous at the same time. For all your other hair needs, call Dorcas Dominican Beauty Salon to schedule an appointment.

frizzy hair

How To Control Frizzy Hair

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Frizz is a common hair problem. It can be difficult to get rid of this problem. Fortunately, there are several ways that the frizz can be controlled.

Choose a Sulfate-Free Shampoo 

Sulfate strips the natural oils from your hair. It also causes damage to your hair. That is why it is best for you to use a shampoo that is free of sulfates. It is better for you to use a shampoo with glycerin in it instead of sulfates. Glycerin penetrates and hydrates the shaft.

Wash Your Hair Less Frequently 

Everybody wants to have clean hair. However, it is possible for you to overdo a good thing. If you wash your hair too often, then you will strip the natural oils from it. That is why you are more likely to have frizz if you wash your hair too often.

If you have straight hair, then you can probably go two days without washing it. You can wait even longer if it’s curly.

Use Conditioner 

You want to make sure that you condition your hair after you wash it. Make sure that you use a conditioner with glycerin as well as other moisturizing ingredients. Shea butter and coconut oil are some of the best ingredients to use.

Use a Flat Iron With Teeth 

Many people control the frizz with a flat iron. However, it is important to remember that some flat irons are better than others. It is best for you to use a flat iron with teeth if you are trying to control the frizz. This will help smooth out your hair.

Use a Wide-Toothed Comb

You can damage your hair by using a brush on it while it is wet. It is best for you to detangle your hair with a wide-toothed comb.

Avoid Blow-Drying Your Hair While it is Soaking Wet 

If you apply too much hot air to the strands, then they will lose moisture. This can lead to frizz. It is best for you to let your hair air-dry at least 90 percent before you use the blow-dryer.

Brush Your Hair Upside Down 

If you brush your hair upside down, then this will help you distribute the oils throughout it. You should use a boar-bristle brush.

Wrap Your Hair in a Silk Scarf 

You will need to put a silk scarf before you go to sleep. The silk scarf will help your hair retain moisture. It is also a good idea to sleep on a cotton pillowcase.

Hair care

Hair Care Myths

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A good hair care regimen will help your hair grow healthy and strong. However, there are a number of myths that may keep you from growing your hair. The following myths need to be dispelled.

Myth: Cutting Your Hair Helps it Grow Faster

Fact: It is a good idea to get regular haircuts. Regular haircuts will get rid of split ends. However, you will not make your hair grow faster by getting haircuts. Healthy growth is controlled by the hair follicle. Haircuts only remove hair from the shaft.

Myth: There are Products That Will Help Your Hair Grow Faster

Fact: There are many products that claim that they will help promote hair growth. However, your hair growth is controlled by the rate at which your cells grow and divide. This is controlled by your genetics. There is no haircare product that makes your cells grow and divide faster.

Myth: Losing Hair is Bad

Fact: Hair loss is natural. In fact, you lose 150 to 200 strands of hair per day. Your hair also grows in different phases. There are periods when your hair does not grow at all. You should not be worried about losing a few hairs. However, if you notice excessive hair loss, then you should see a doctor.

Myth: Washing Your Hair in Cold Water Makes It Shiny

Fact: You do not have to torture yourself by taking a cold shower. The temperature that you wash your hair will not affect the appearance of your hair. The best thing that you can do to keep your hair shiny is to condition it after you wash it.

Myth: Blow-Drying Your Hair Damages It

Fact: There is some truth to this myth. You can damage your hair if you blow-dry it too much. You can also damage it if you do not use a heat protectant. However, if you limit blow-drying to once a week and use a heat protectant, then you will not damage it.

Myth: You Can Repair Split Ends

Fact: You cannot repair split ends. If split ends are not treated, then your hair will become dull and damaged. The best thing that you can do if you have split ends is to get a haircut.

Myth: Dry Shampoo is Just as Good as Regular Shampoo

Fact: The term dry shampoo is actually misleading. Dry shampoo does not clean your hair. It is okay to use dry shampoo if you cannot wash your hair. However, nothing is better than regular shampoo and water.

Hair maintenance

How To Make Your Blowout Last Longer

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Many of us have had the experience of getting a nice hairstyle and then waking up the next day and realizing that it was messed up. The way you treat your hair after you leave the salon will determine how long your blowout will last. There are several things that you can do to ensure that your blowout lasts a long time.

Have Your Ends Trimmed 

You should ask your stylist to trim your ends before you get your blowout. The split ends can create frizziness. That is why you will be able to extend the life of your blowout by getting your ends trimmed.

Keep Your Hair Clean

It may seem like a good idea to add extra products to your hair to make the blowout last longer. However, the extra products will weigh your hair down. You should not use any products on your hair for one or two days.

Pin Curl Your Hair at Night

You should pin curl your hair before you go to bed. This will keep your hair from getting frizzy. If you want to have more body in your hair, then you will need to use large curls. The smaller pin curls will give your hair more curls.

Keep Your Hands Out of Your Hair

You may be tempted to run your fingers through your hair after you get it done. However, you put dirt and oil in your hair every time that you run your fingers through it. This can ruin your blowout.

Use a Little Bit of Oil 

You can start putting oil in your hair one or two days after you get your blowout. Also, you only need to use a nickel-sized amount. You do not want to use too much oil because that will weigh your hair down.

Use a Dry Conditioner 

If you need to refresh your blowout, then you will need to use a dry conditioner. A dry conditioner will help moisturize your hair. It will also help smooth out frizz. Additionally, the dry conditioner will keep the hair sleek and smooth.

Use a Silk Scarf

After you have pin-curled your hair, you will need to put a scarf over your hair. The scarf will ensure that your hair stays in place at night. You should also wear a silk scarf while you are working out. Sweating can ruin your blowout, but a scarf will help you maintain it.

Use a Shower Cap

You need to wear a shower cap while you are in the shower. It is important to note that all shower caps are not created equal. You will need to wear a shower cap with a tight hairline. This will ensure that your hair does not get wet.

Switch the Style

You will probably be ready to wash your hair about a week after you get your blowout. However, there are ways that you can make it last a day or two longer. For example, you can do a braid-out style. You can also wear an up-do.

Dominican Hair Blowouts

The Exciting World of Dominican Hair Blowouts

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Dominican hair blowouts have been staples in many hair salons for years and years now. They’ve been getting a lot of praise from beauty-savvy individuals in recent times, too, and understandably so. What exactly are Dominican hair blowouts anyway? It’s a method that, true to its naming, originated in the Caribbean nation that’s known as the Dominican Republic. It entails a combination of washing, straightening and blow drying the locks to smooth and flawless glory. If you’ve been toying around with the idea of trying out Dominican hair blowouts, you should first take the time to learn more about how the beauty treatment works. People simply adore these blowouts. They often believe that other kinds of blowouts are no comparison. They give people the gift of locks that are radiant, smooth and shiny.

Say Goodbye to Annoying Tangling and Knotting 

Tangling can be a big headache for people. It can be annoying to have to deal with stubborn and unsightly tangles any time you try to do your hair. If you’re interested in hair straightening and detangling, Dominican hair blowouts can be a big help to you. These blowouts can be suitable for individuals who are searching for detangling that calls for chemicals. They can be suitable for those who are searching for detangling that doesn’t call for chemicals as well. Dominican hair blowouts can do wonders for natural hair. These blowouts can straighten hair wonderfully for stretches of time. Detangling can be good for hair that’s relaxed, too. That’s because it can help set it up for other aspects of blowouts.

Enjoy a Top-Notch Blow Drying Session

Blow drying understandably is the most thrilling part of Dominican hair blowouts, no two ways about it. Hairstylists who are well-versed in Dominican hair blowouts tend to soar in the blow drying sector. They employ substantial roller brushes that are equipped with an abundance of bristles. They’re equipped with blow dryers that depend on strong, yet adjustable temperatures as well. These have efficient nozzles that are capable of targeting certain spots of the hair. The nozzles rely on air that’s hot in order to zero in on specified hair locations.

Hairstylists then are able to maneuver blowdryers and roller brushes at the same time while they travel from the roots all the way down to the ends. They place blowdryers and roller brushes onto all hair spots as a means of attaining optimal softness.

Of course, hairstylists who are particularly seasoned can handle these things swiftly. It doesn’t matter how long your locks may be, either. It isn’t uncommon for hairstylists to employ flat irons in areas that call for in-depth straightening attention. Once they fully blow dry locks, they put serums or oils on thoroughly.

Revel in the Universe of Roller Sets 

Magnetic rollers have the ability to make hair appear and feel straight and gorgeous. They’re markedly milder than heat devices are, too. If you want to manage your hair in a manner that’s in no way aggressive, magnetic rollers can do the trick. Magnetic rollers strive to dry hair rapidly. They strive to maintain optimal straightness at the same time, too. Hairstylists in most cases do not put products on the locks during setting sessions. After they roll hair, they generally place their clients below hood dryers. They typically remain below these dryers for a minimum of one hour or so. If you love the idea of hair that’s manageable, soft, shiny and visually appealing, then you should think about going to a Dominican hair salon for a blowout session. Reach out to Dorcas Dominican Beauty Salon in Cary, North Carolina today to reserve an appointment.

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