5 Things a New Hair Cut Does for You

New Hair Cut

A new hair cut has the power to transform you physically and mentally. It can give you the boost of confidence needed to set out on your own path of success. It provides you with a fresh perspective, too, because it allows you to shed the weight of too much new growth, split ends, and … Read more

Where to Go to Get a Quality Kids Hair Cut

Kids Hair Cuts

Where to Go to Get a Quality Kids Hair Cut   Wonder where you can go to get quality kids hair cut? Look no further than Dorcas Dominican Beauty Salon in Cary, NC. We don’t just cut adult hair. We also provide services to children! You can schedule side-by-side hair cuts with your kids. This … Read more

2020 Haircut Trends You’ll Want to Try Yourself

Haircut Trends

A new year calls for a new you. When thinking about 2020 haircut trends and all the good fortune it brings, consider what an investment a new haircut is. Not only will it help you feel your best, but it also allows you to embrace the decade’s hottest new haircut trends. All you need to … Read more

Why You Need Regular Haircuts

Regular Haircuts

Many people who are trying to grow their hair long are reluctant to get a haircut. However, everyone can benefit from getting regular haircuts. There are several reasons that you should get your hair cut on a regular basis. Reduce Split Ends Contrary to popular belief, cutting your hair will not make it grow faster. … Read more