Dorcas Domincan Beauty Salon Hair Color Services


Dorcas Dominican Beauty Salon Hair Color Services


Dorcas Dominican Beauty Salon is one of the best options for your hair color services in Cary, North Carolina. The Dorcas Dominican salon has years of experience and specializes in Dominican blowouts and other blowout-related hair treatments and styles. They also are expert hair colorists. The hair salon is prepared to treat your hair carefully to create beautiful hair color changes to switch up your beauty look. Our salon is prepared to give you the hair color results that you want. We will discuss in this blog all our Hair Color Services.

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Getting your Hair Color Just Right

Hair coloring appointments from Dorcas Dominican Beauty Salon consist of a thorough client consultation. Your stylist will ask you a set of questions to discover all of your desires for your hair color services. You should answer precisely. Make sure you say what your preferences are for the color you would like. Also mention what kind of hair care you currently do. You stylist will additionally examine your hair to determine the best way to color your hair type based on the porosity and condition of your hair.

They will also examine the natural tone of your natural hair, eye color, and your complexion. An allergy test strip should be administered onto the skin behind your ear to see if you can handle the hair coloring product without having an allergic reaction to it. After the consultation you and the hair stylist should be on the same page. You will then be briefed on how long the appointment should take. Then all you will have to do is relax and go through your hair color treatment.

There are various types of hair color options. Dorcas Dominican offers all of the more popular hair color services. Dorcas Dominican does semi-permanent, demi-permanent, and permanent hair coloring. Semi-permanent lasts about one to three weeks and needs to be redone quicker if you shampoo very often. A demi-permanent hair color lasts a good four to six weeks as long as you shampoo only when needed.

Permanent hair color will last you about four to six weeks as well. Your stylist will ask you how often you can come in for retouches, so that will help them to figure out which hair color option will work best for your needs. The salon is also prepared to do corrective hair color treatments for their clients.

Highlights and Lighting to Get your Hair Perfect

The Dorcas Dominican salon will also do any highlighting or lightening hair color services that you will like. A full consultation and hair analysis will need to be done before you have your hair lightened. In some instances your hair might not be in the right condition for lightening and coloring treatments without some initial pre-hair color care. Highlighting options from Dorcas Dominican include highlight lights, low lights, balyage, and frosted hair. Also, we do haircuts, hair coloring, keratin treatments, and Dominican blowouts.

During your hair color appointment you will only have to sit back and relax while your stylist takes care of your needs. You can chat or look through some magazines while enjoying the comfortable atmosphere of the Dorcas Dominican hair salon. During this part of your hair treatment, our salon staff will instruct you on best care for your hair color. They should give you style and conditioning tips and mention how often you can shampoo.

Book an Appointment At Dorcas Dominican Hair Salon

Book a hair color appointment from Dorcas Dominican hair salon today if you are in the Cary, North Carolina area for your hair services. The hair colorists at the salon offer the best work in the area in a great environment. Call to book an appointment at 919-449-1447. You may additionally book a hair color appointment on the salon website.