Popular 2019 Hair Coloring Trends

Hair Coloring Trends

Popular 2019 Hair Coloring Trends


Hair coloring can drastically change your appearance, style, and persona. If done right, it can make you even look younger. Whenever you’re flipping through magazines, you can tell just how much hair coloring do wonders for celebrities. Finding the right hair color is key to making you feel your best yet. You can go about your daily life with confidence and boldness like never before. Finding out what hair coloring trends will help you with your journey for finding your best look. Here are some of 2019’s most popular hair coloring trends.

Buttery Hints

Adding warm-toned highlights here and there will create more definition to your overall look. Celebrity colorist from New York City, who did hair hues for J.Lo and Madonna, suggests tones no more than two shades lighter than your base. You should look for terms like “warm”, “honey”, “butter”, or “buttery” on hair dye boxes. This is one of the top hair coloring trends of 2019.

Muted Auburn

You should ask your hair colorist for a toned-down copper to be brighter or perhaps auburn with a darker hue. This type of color will give off a natural dark auburn look. This will look absolutely beautiful on people who have the Dominican blow-out or naturally curly hair. This is hands-down one of the top hair coloring trends of 2019.

Coral Copper Hair

If you’ve seen celebrity actress, Madeline Brewer, on the red carpet, you would know that she definitely rocks a beautiful reddish hair. You can try out her hair color as well by asking your hair colorist for a coral copper hair. The red, coppery tones make your face stand out, especially if you’re fair skinned. Matrix celebrity hairstylist, George Papanikolas, recommends this is a great color to try out when you’re hair is faded from a previous treatment. Another one of popular hair coloring trends

Shadow Roots

These hair coloring trends for curly hair individuals that even the likes of star, Blake Lively, has tried is shadow roots. By adding a deeper, darker dye to the roots, your cascading hair will have depth, contrast and definition. This means if you have curly hair, your curls will look extra bouncy. You can also have your natural hair at the roots and a lighter tone for the rest of your hair. Salon owner, Edward Blum, suggests that you ask your stylist to add warm highlights as well to accentuate the dark tones.

Lilac Hair

Hot hair coloring trend alert! Last year was all about rose gold, however a major trend forecast for 2019 is the hair color, lilac. With a delicate sheen, the lilac hair is a pretty pastel purple shade. Stylists, Melody and Michael Lowenstein, call this the “when vintage meets modern.” This is particularly hot trend that has been a Pinterest favorite among other women. Don’t delay on the trend and join the lilac hair bandwagon!

Cold Brew

On her recent red carpet outing, Selena Williams’ curls were luscious and warm, because of the perfectly done cold brew color on her hair. You may be thinking of the warm chocolate tones of coffee with a splash of milk and ice, which is in a way, what cold brew looks like. It is when light undertones are placed in the middle and bottom sections of the hair, while dark brown undertones on the roots of the hair.

Sombré Hair

Over the years, ombré has had its fair share of hype and craze. Now, that is all changing. Sombré, a softer version of ombre, is gaining more attention. It is a popular  hair color trend worn and loved by many celebrities such as Chrissy Teigen and Jessica Alba. This color offers a very soft, subtle, sophisticated, and fashionable look. The color also goes well with all hair textures, so everyone can try out this hair trend. Prominent hue director, Rick Wellman, says, “It is low maintenance and promotes a natural-looking feel.”

Blonde: Balayage with Babylights Hair

If you’re going for a Jennifer Aniston look, you may be wanting to be a part of the blonde balayage and babylights trend. This hairstyle is made by blending the two aforementioned highlighting techniques. Los Angeles colorist, Chrissie Plisky, adds how this hair color will give you a bright, beautiful dimension. She also recommends to add a shadow root to create a perfectly contoured look.

Dark Chocolate Hair

If you want to have a sophisticated, dark, and desirable appearance, you should try out the dark chocolate hair. A famous celebrity as well as princess, Megan Markle, has had this sultry color on over the years. This color never goes out of style and is versatile in every season and occasion. Don’t make it completely one shade by making sure to add some caramel highlights. This will create a contrast effect when your curl your hair. Our services also include haircuts, hair coloring, keratin treatments, and Dominican blowouts.