Popular Hair Coloring Trends in 2018

Hair Coloring Trends

As women, our hair plays a large role in our appearance and self-expression. Your current hair color from last year may not reflect the message you want to portray this year. Here are the top hair coloring trends in 2018.

Hair coloring trends in 2018 bring some new things to the table so that you can express yourself in a way you never have before. Feel free to ask us any questions you may have, or contact us if you would like to try any of these hot hair coloring trends!

Purposeful Roots

Make a statement with contrasting hair. If you decide to go blonde, try leaving those roots and eyebrows dark like Selena Gomez. It creates a soft, pretty effect, and it makes maintenance easier as your hair grows out. Ask your stylist to put a darker semi-permanent color only at the roots. Bring out your edgier side while still keeping things classy!

Dark Chocolate Hair

Princess Meghan Markle has rich brunette strands that give her a warm appearance. Darken your locks for a shade synonymous with timeless beauty and elegance. You can even add caramel highlights to further accentuate your locks.

50 Shades of Brown

Okay, ladies, so the hair is not literally 50 shades! This color concept plays with shades of light and dark brown throughout brunette hair. It is a way to bring you edginess without going over the top. Focus on letting the highlights frame your face.

Subtle Ombre

Sofia Vergara pulls off a nearly unnoticeable ombre with sophistication and grace. Re-create this look on yourself by keeping your crown and the upper portion of your hair dark. Lighten the lower lengths and ends only a tad. The difference should be barely noticeable.

Beautiful Bronde

Become a blonde and a brunette at the same time with this funky color combination! Your hair is primarily brunette with flirtatious flecks of blonde. Your hair will sparkle hints of blonde in the light, and in the dark, it will look lush chocolate.

Chestnut Ombre

Priyanka Chopra’s two-tone look is for you women seeking a more dramatic ombre effect. The upper portion of your hair will be a deep chocolate brown that gives way to an enticing chestnut. Chestnut color on your ends will give the flair of an almost redhead while maintaining brunette qualities.

Eclipting Hair

Eclipting hair is the hair coloring trend that will accentuate the shape of the hair and contour the face at the same time. The process involves hair coloring your entire head with a darker base.

Your stylist will then follow up with strategic highlights in specific sections. No worries, because your stylist will know exactly where to place your highlights to really make you shine.

Goth Brown

Jenna Dewan Tatum’s nearly black locks will give you a sharp, edgy look. You can really work this color by skipping the customary hair part for a more unkempt, but still cute look. Add smoky eye makeup for the ultimate dramatic effect.

Chocolate Rose Gold

Rose gold is hot in the hair coloring market for blondes and brunettes. The shimmery shade will liven any look. Your stylist can add in pink tones mixed with deep brown hues on top. You can instead have the pink tones on top, but warm shades on top reduce the need for timely touchups.

Color Melting Hair

Do you want a look that is easygoing, subtle yet still gorgeous? Color melting hair can give you all three of these! The technique creates a multidimensional effect due to the various hues that melt together. You are left with a natural look that reflects different tones of light flawlessl.

Ecaille Hair

Ecaille hair takes the ombre concept and instead applies three colors. Your stylist will take three complimenting shades and work them through your hair to create movement. Ecaille hair is a great option for women with thin hair. The technique can provide a more voluminous appearance and add dimension to the hair.

Flattering Natural Hair

Women who want a change but do not want anything too dramatic, flattering natural hair is perfect for you. This is also a great option for women who have done the dramatic and want something more subtle.

The best natural colors for you will always match your complexion. Luckily, this trend will never go out of style. You can speak with your stylist about any colors you are considering, or ask them their suggestions for what colors compliment your skin tone the best.


These hair coloring trends of 2018 provide options for the bold and edgy as well as the subtle and sweet. Whatever option you choose, we are here to help make your hair dreams a reality at Dorcas. Lastly, our services also include haircuts, hair coloring, keratin treatments, and Dominican blowouts.