Changes To Make To Your Hair Routine During the Fall Season

Your Hair Routine

While it’s sad to kiss summer goodbye, there’s plenty to look forward to in fall and winter. This is the season for cozy sweaters, cool temperatures, and fun fall and winter fashion. This should help with your hair routine for the fall and winter months!

You probably already know that you need to change your wardrobe when fall comes around, but you might not realize that you should also be making changes to your hair routine. To help you make this fall and winter your best ever, here are the cold weather changes that you need to make to your hair routine.

Shampoo a Little Less in Your Hair Routine

Anyone with a Dominican hair type already knows that too much shampooing can strip the scalp of the natural oils needed to keep hair healthy. However, many women have no choice but to shampoo a little extra during the summer, as the high heat and humidity can cause excessive oiliness and build-up. Once fall rolls around and temperatures drop, reduce the number of times per week that you shampoo your hair. This will keep your locks healthy, moisturized, and illustrious.

Introduce a Deep Conditioning Mask Into Your Routine

The humidity of summer can cause a lot of frizz and fly-aways, but it can also keep a lot of moisture in the hair. As the weather shifts from humid to dry, however, the hair can become drier in turn. Combat winter dryness by using a once-a-week deep conditioning mask or hot oil treatment. Throughout the week, you can use a hydrating serum or leave-in treatment to maintain moisture between conditioning treatments.

Use Heat, But Do It The Right Way

Many Dominican women embrace their natural texture during the summer, allowing those natural curls and waves to finally have their moment in the spotlight. Embracing your natural hair texture during summer is a fantastic plan since the heat and humidity can often sabotage any attempts to style the hair with heat.

In the fall and winter months, you might want to return to relaxing or straightening your hair. If you choose to return to heat styling, be sure to do it the right way. Always use a product that protects the hair from high heat before you begin to style it. Never use a flat iron or hot comb on your hair if it’s excessively damaged or if you have split ends that need to be trimmed. Hot tools can make existing damage worse, so get a haircut and a deep conditioning treatment to remedy any damage before you attempt to style with heat.

Add A Keratin Treatment in Your Hair Routine

Fall is a time of new beginnings. Consider kicking off this new season the right way by treating yourself to a professional keratin treatment. Not only does a keratin treatment restore hydration and health to the hair, but it can help to tame and smooth kinky and troublesome hair that never seems to want to lay flat. A professional keratin treatment can be life-changing to any woman who struggles to keep her hair straight and smooth.

Do a Product Purge

The changing of the seasons is a perfect time to go through your inventory of hair products and toss out anything that’s not working or that might be past its expiration date. Throw anything that’s expired into the trash and give away any items that simply don’t work for your needs. Just because a specific product doesn’t seem to agree with your particular hair type doesn’t mean it won’t work beautifully for one of your friends or family members.

Consider Making a Big Change

Autumn is the time when the leaves fall away and the colors of the foliage begin to change. Draw inspiration from the changing colors of fall and try changing the color of your hair. Fall is the perfect time to finally try a new hair color on for size, especially if you’re going back to school or switching to a new job. You’re sure to make a big impression at those holiday parties if you try something new and different with your hair for fall. Whatever your hair routine is, contact us to help guide you and make your hair happy and healthy! Our services also include haircuts, hair coloring, keratin treatments, and Dominican blowouts.

Whether you want to simply trim away those split ends or make a big change, we want to help. At Dorcas Dominican Beauty Salon, we specialize in cuts and color for Dominican hair types, in addition to professional blowouts and keratin treatments to give you the sleek and smooth hair of your dreams. Call us today at 919-377-0575 to learn more about how we can help you to get your hair fall- and winter-ready.