In Need of a Routine Haircut or Possibly a Trim? How About A Brand New Hair Style?

When you are faced with grown-out bangs and dreaded split ends, it’s certainly time for a haircut or at least hair trim. And you may feel the urge to snip away at your own tresses. As convenient as it may seem however, this is never a good idea. Any at-home haircut is usually doomed for failure. This is the case regardless of the ever-increasing amount of how-to videos you are bound to find on Instagram and Youtube. Do yourself and your hair justice. And come into Dorcas Dominican Hair Salon in Cary, NC for an excellent haircut.

You know the type:

A beautiful girl takes a pair of shears to her own head. And just as soon as you start to cringe, lovely, perfectly-shorn layers drop down and the at-home haircut destroys her previously well fitted hairdo.

Why take the chance of potential devastation with an at-home haircut mishap? Simply make an appointment at Dorcas, communicate what you want, then poof voila! A few snips, and then simple, quick, and affordable perfection.

But, don’t be fooled. Hair trimming is not an easy skill to acquire, and these videos only serve to drive home the urban legend that proper hairdressing can be performed by untrained laypeople. 


Truthfully, most of these social media personalities are only trimming off dead, over-processed ends, giving the on-camera appearance of the formation of crisp layers. You shouldn’t buy what they are selling. Hair trimming and hair cutting should only be done by trained professionals in a salon environment.

Here are a few reasons why you should never cut your own hair and always count on Dorcas Dominican Beauty Salon for your beauty needs:

An Acquired Skill Set Is Needed

Cutting hair is a trade, and like all trades, it requires serious skills acquired after years of schooling and training. These professionals have to be licensed and in order to get such documentation they must pass several evaluations. Stylists are also consistently updated on new shaping and styling techniques as new trends come and go over time. They are a treasure trove of knowledge and know the tricks of the trade that most of us are not privy to. That is why they are paid well for their services – they have trade-specific skills.

Cutting your own hair also requires skills that regular hairdressers don’t even have to consider, such as a talent for ascertaining your own reflection and understanding the difference between what you are seeing and what others see. But, you will also need to know the basics, such as knowing enough to never cut hair dry and in thick sections. This is akin to sawing wood and can cause a whole lot of damage in the long run.

The Right Tools For The Perfect Haircut….

Some DIY-ers may actually be naturally skilled. For example, they may be hairdressers themselves with a keen-enough eye to practice their trade on their themselves. However, one thing that most home-haircutters tend to lack is access to the proper tools. Nail scissors, kitchen shears, or any other dull blade are only going to damage your vulnerable tresses.

A great hair stylist knows how important it is to only ever use very sharp scissors. You can fray or split the hair’s ends, causing severe damage that can lead to over-correcting. And over-correction can lead to too-short bangs, lop-sided locks, and other embarrassing hair-related disasters. This means that you will eventually have to head to the salon that you avoided in the first place. Only this time it will be to fix the mess that you inadvertently created; usually with a much shorter, different-looking ‘do that you originally intended!

Your Dominant Hand Only Reaches So Far…

We all have a more dominant hand. This is the preferred hand that we write with daily. While stylists also have a preferred hand, they can easily guide said hand back and forth to each side of your head in order to properly cut and style each side with equal care. However, when you are cutting your own tresses, this is simply not an option for you, and the side of your head that shares its half of the body with your dominant hand – well, it isn’t going to look as crisply styled as its contemporary, no matter how much preening you do!

In conclusion, YES, putting aside the time & money to get salon haircuts can be annoying. But the alternative can most definitely be worse. Hairdressers like the trained professionals at Dorca’s Dominican Beauty Salon know what they are doing. As well, Dorcas cosmotologists will ensure that your haircut leaves your hair looking absolutely amazing.

The professionals at Dorcas take the time to teach you how to style your new haircut or hair trim…

Also, Dorcas offers a plethora of styling products for your every need. The correct styling products for your hair can make or break your salon-fresh look. Great products are a big part of good hair maintenance. If you have hair color in your hair & you want it to last, then use hair products for color treated hair.  As well this will also help you keep you locks healthy and reduce the occurrence of split ends.

So, come on in and let one of professional stylists give you the perfect haircut or even hair trim today! Dorcas provides men’s haircuts, women’s haircuts, and also kid’s haircuts. Located conveniently in Cary NC near the Raleigh Triangle area.  Residents know that Dorca’s Dominican Beauty Salon is the best salon in the area for the trendiest cuts around.