Keratin Treatments Improve the Manageability of Your Hair

Keratin Treatments Improve the Manageability of Your Hair

Keratin is a natural protein that helps make up the skin, hair, and nails on people’s bodies. Keratin treatments are offered at hair salons across the world to provide easier hair management. If you’re looking for ways to keep your strands looking their best year-round, consider requesting the service from a salon near you.

Things That Make Hair Unmanageable

There are many things that make people’s hair unmanageable. Learning what they are can make a difference in how you experience caring for your hair. One option that works well for a lot of people with longer hair is Keratin treatments. It improves the strength and texture of the hair.

Heat and humidity can cause hair to be difficult to keep under control. You may notice it being frizzy with a lot of flyaways. You can do things to tame it, but the best option is to invest in salon treatments. You’ll have better results long-term when you invest in Keratin treatments.

Heat tools and excessive product use can also make hair hard to tame. If you want to avoid these types of issues altogether, you’ll want to discuss your options with your stylist at your earliest convenience.

How to Improve Your Hair with Keratin Treatments 

With new knowledge about the things that cause your hair to be difficult to manage, you can come up with a plan that lets you eliminate some of the issues that contribute to the unruliness of your strands. By learning what you can about Keratin treatments, you can get the most good from them.

Here are some of the things that Keratin treatments do to improve the manageability of your hair:

  • Makes it straight. If you like the look of straight hair but don’t want to spend hours flat ironing your strands, you’ve got options. If your hair is long and/or thick, you can opt for Keratin treatments instead of excessive styling tools. You’ll have a look that you can maintain even after washing your hair as long as it’s after the initial 72-hour waiting period.
  • Makes it stronger. The proteins bond to the hair, fortifying it. Stronger hair breaks less easily. You’ll experience fewer split ends and flyaways. You won’t need to have your hair trimmed as often, too, because you’ll have less damage to deal with long-term.
  • Makes it shinier. Your hair will look more lustrous because of the addition of Keratin. You won’t need to use any special products to make it look that way, either. It’s something that comes naturally with the treatment that you’ve paid for at the salon.
  • Makes it smoother. Hair is smoother and easier to brush, comb, and style. It’s sleek and stays smooth for longer. Even if you wash your hair, you’ll notice that it looks smooth without you needing to do anything special to it.
  • Makes it healthier. Your hair feels healthier and looks that way, too. Any time that you invest in salon services, you’ll walk out feeling like a King or a Queen. Your hair won’t react negatively to humidity and you won’t need to torture it with heated styling tools to make it look the way that you’d prefer.

Now that you know what Keratin treatments can do for you, it’s time to schedule an appointment with your favorite stylist at Dorcas Dominican Beauty Salon in Cary, NC. You’ll walk out of our salon looking and feeling like a million bucks. Attractive and affordable, Keratin treatments cut your daily styling time in half. You’re able to blow dry and straighten your hair with greater ease.

Get Help Managing Your Hair at Dorcas Dominican Beauty Salon

Dorcas Dominican Beauty Salon offers a range of services that meet your needs including Keratin treatments. If you’re ready to schedule an appointment at our Cary salon, call us to set up an appointment. We’re a family-friendly salon with services for men, women, and children.

We take the guesswork out of caring for and straightening your hair. As a reminder, it’s important not to wash your hair for 72 hours after getting a Keratin treatment. Otherwise, the protein won’t bond fully and work to make your hair stronger and less frizzy.