Where to Go to Get a Quality Kids Hair Cut

Kids Hair Cuts

Where to Go to Get a Quality Kids Hair Cut


Wonder where you can go to get quality kids hair cut? Look no further than Dorcas Dominican Beauty Salon in Cary, NC. We don’t just cut adult hair. We also provide services to children! You can schedule side-by-side hair cuts with your kids.

This short guide lets you know why it’s beneficial to have your children receive services from us. It allows you to see what makes us the ideal salon to visit in the city, too. You’ll learn more about the many services we provide, including those we make available for kids. You may not have known that we have very young customers, too.

Kids hair cuts are a service that we take great pride in doing. Not every salon caters to children and adults. We love being able to give you as many options as possible to meet your needs. With a busy schedule like yours, it only makes sense to have your kid’s hair cut at the same time that you have your hair done.

The Advantages of Having Dorcas Dominican Beauty Salon give a Quality Kids Hair Cut

Many benefits come with going to a salon that caters to children and adults. It means that you get to know the hairdressers and trust them. When you come to us for your kids hair cut or trim, you know that they’re in excellent hands. The result will be one that everyone is happy with because of how well our haircare experts do caring for your children’s hair.

You also can save time by having salon services scheduled at the same time as your child. Get your hair cut, styled, or colored while another beautician works on your kid’s hair. You’ll accomplish two things that way and limit the amount of exposure you have to the outside world during COVID-19. That means less stress and more peace of mind for you.

Take advantage of the hottest trends in hairstyles. Your kids get a say in how they look. Our stylists cut hair in a way that makes the children stand out for the right reasons. Once they’ve snipped away the extra hair, your kids have a cool new style that they can’t wait to show off to others.

Our stylists are among the best in the industry. They possess the knowledge and skills necessary to cut hair in a way that is attractive and on-trend. Rather than walk around with a quarantine hair cut given to your children by you, we can make your  kids hair cut look stylish and cool with a professional cut.

Staying Safe While Visiting Our Business

We take all the precautions necessary to protect you and your family while spending time in our salon. Not only do we adhere to a rigorous cleaning schedule, but we also practice social distancing and wear masks for your protection. That way, you feel safe in our presence and know that we are doing everything we can to prevent the spread of the coronavirus and shutdown of businesses such as ours in the future. We’ll stay open and ready to assist you and your kids with new hair cuts in the upcoming months ahead.

You want to stay on top of your trims to don’t need a hair cut as often. Kids hair can grow fast. If you don’t want to be in and out of the salon too often, consider taking the time to schedule a trim a few weeks after you’ve had you and your children’s hair cut. It saves you time and money in salon visit costs.

Get Your Much Needed Kids Haircut Today

Dorcas Dominican Beauty Salon in Cary, NC, is the place to take your kids to get their hair cut. Set up an appointment for your children today. We’ll take care of that quarantine hair for them. They’ll look fresh and feel great about themselves once we’ve finished giving them a kids hair cut. Our services also include haircuts, hair coloring, keratin treatments, and Dominican blowouts.

Our business is at 1363 SE Maynard Road. You can stop by to set up an appointment or call us at 919-377-0575. Let us know at the time that you want to have you and your kids hair cut. That way, we can make sure that we have the right salon experts scheduled to take care of your needs.