How To Take Care Of A Dominican Blowout On Naturally Curly Hair

Naturally curly hair

A Dominican Blowout on naturally curly hair can be a favorite style that is worn during those warm, sultry months in both spring and summer. This low maintenance hairstyle is a chemical free way to straighten your long tresses and hit the streets with your hot new look. Fashion-wise it is believed that the Dominican Republic was the first to create this fabulous new look and it was not long after that other salon seized the opportunity and offered the blowout to their clients.

So What Is A Dominican Blowout?

The Dominican Blowout consists of a simple routine of washing the hair and blow drying it. That is the Dominican Blowout in its purest form. Of course, there is a lot more to it than a simple wash and dry. Stylists use a whole host of tools to get the right look such as using Magnetic Rollers, a Round Brush, a Hooded Hair Dryer and even some Butterfly Clamps.

The Routine Stylists Use To Do A Dominican Blowout

  • First off, the hair is washed and cleansed of all debris and dirt. Super clean hair naturally behaves better when heated and will be more pliable to sculpt.
  • Next, comes the Magnetic Rollers, which can take up to 2 hours to set. This is where patience is a virtue. 2 hours is a long time to wait to bring a magazine.
  • After the hair has dried naturally with the rollers, the stylist will take the rollers out and use the round brush to blow dry, plump and pimp out the hair. This is where the magic happens. The hair will be incredibly silky at this stage.

How To Do A Dominican Blowout Without Rollers

Some people do not have this equipment to do it professionally although a lot of people still try. If you are doing this from home and do not possess a set of Magnetic Rollers, just wash and dry the hair and using a round brush, straighten out the hair as it dries. Then merely flat iron the hair and wrap it in a doobie.

Can You Do A Dominican Blowout On Short Hair?

Of course, you can. A Dominican Blowout is excellent on any length of hair. You can achieve a silky, smooth tress of hair. If you find your hair is too short for rollers. You should ask the stylist to do a particular dry-off with a round brush straightening the hair.

How Long Does A Dominican Blowout Last?

A Dominican Blowout can last anywhere between 1 and four weeks depending on a lot of factors such as how the hair’s porosity. The lower amount of hair porosity lends itself to the blowout lasting longer than four weeks. A higher porosity means the hair is a little burned. It does come down to how well you manage your hair and how you look after it too.

How To Maintain A Dominican Blowout?

We are going to talk about what is crucial in maintaining a Dominican Blowout that will last the most extended amount of time. Those people who are limited on time may not be able to manage their hair like people who have the time and the ability to style their hair. The key to maintaining your hair is to keep the hair SUPER dry. That means not having hot steamy showers, keeping out of the rain, staying cool in humid environments. In fact avoiding any moisture producing activities.

That might be easier said than done. Even some moisturizers and skin creams can interfere with a Dominican Blowout. In fact, if you were to look after the blowout carefully revitalize the hair with a little bit of olive oil. Especially if the Dominican Blowout slightly burnt your naturally curly hair.

How Much Does A Dominican Blowout Cost?

A Dominican Blowout can cost anywhere from $15 to $60 depending on whether you use an expensive salon, you use Magnetic Rollers or whether you use various hair serums. There is no set cost. Just depends on where you go. Obviously, you want value so feel free to shop around.

How Often Can You Have A Dominican Blowout?

There is no set guide for you to follow other than keeping an eye on your hair and its propensity to heat damage. Nothing is stopping you from having it done every month or every six weeks. Optimally, your hair should be allowed to breathe and revitalize itself throughout these intensive treatments. As long as your hair remains plump, bouncy and full of shine, having a regular Dominican Blowout is alright. Also, we do haircuts, hair coloring, keratin treatments, and Dominican blowouts.

What Hair Treatments Should I Use Between Dominican Blowouts?

If you are regulalry getting Dominican Blowouts each month it is recommended that you use a Deep Conditioning Treatment to help with the heat. These tips will help you with your naturally curly hair.