The Seven Secrets To The Perfect Blowout

Most individuals have received the perfect blowout, only it never seems to last until their next appointment. This is usually because if your hair is not styled straight enough, it will not stay straight. The result is a failed blowout, and this can happen for many different reasons.

perfect blowout

Excess Product

Protecting your hair form a blow-dryer is one thing, too much product is another. Many people layer it on with a heat protectant shampoo, conditioner, leave in and blow dry cream. Then comes the straightening balm and spritz. Your hair may appear straight and smooth when you use that hot comb, but you didn’t really straighten it. You simply weighed it down with all those products. Once the products start wearing off, your curls will be back. When it comes to heat protection products, one or two is enough. Just use a little, and cover your hair. Your hair will actually be straight, as well as smooth and protected. If you have worked the product in well, less is more.

The Heat Factor

Excess heat can damage your hair, and the protein in your hair can become deformed. Although the heat level depends on the content of your water and other assorted factors, the standard for damage is 140 to 200 degrees. At this point your hair cannot be repaired, and will not go back to the way it was before. Without this step you won’t get a perfect blowout. All the tools you use for heat styling must be kept under this temperature, or once water touches your hair, it will curl. Wait until you are close to the danger level of heat before you straighten your hair.

Damaged Hair

Another problem is when your hair looks smooth from the roots to just above the tips. You decide you missed something in those tips, so you run your iron over them a few more times. When nothing changes, you turn up that heat and do it again. The reason your tips are not smooth is because they are permanently damaged. This could be from simple wear and tear, dryness, too much heat or tool abuse. The only solution is to cut of the tips, and create new ones. When you do not get your hair straight from the beginning it is more affected by humidity, and it will revert to your natural curls and waves.

The Water

You can use an umbrella, or wrap your hair in a scarf beneath you shower cap, but this is not enough. You must look at the ingredients in your hair products. Even products designed to straighten your hair when you use heat contain water. This not only helps prevent straightening, it encourages curls. When water touches your hair, the hydrogen bonds will reform. This means your hair will curl. When you look at the ingredients, remember aqua is another name for water.

If you see humectants, this is an invitation for water. The most common are near the end of the ingredients and include squalene, propylene glycol and glycerine. You can seal out the water by using a product with hydrophobic silicones near the beginning of the list. Some of the best sealants are amodimethicone and dimethicone. If your area has high humidity, some of that water will end up in your hair. Even the best sealants are affected by water. This helps for a perfect blowout.

The Smooth Factor

You must smooth your hair as much as you possibly can before, during and after your straightening process. Once your hair receives enough heat, it will begin to straighten. There is no reason to turn up the heat, and continue increasing how many times you run your hairdryer or iron over your hair. Just stretch your hair as much as you can while it remains pliable. Use deep treatments, smoothing conditioners and roller sets. Improve your technique for ironing and brushing, and as soon as you have finished straightening, wrap your hair.

The Sections

Sectioning your hair will help get every single strand straight. Heat cannot get to the inner layers if your sections are too large, and the outer layers will protect the inner. Although the tension and heat will combine to make your hair appear straight, it will not last. After a couple hours, the hair you missed will start to shrink, and you will be left with a puffy appearance. Keep your sections small, no wider than your iron. Also, we do haircuts, hair coloring, keratin treatments, and Dominican blowouts.

The Resistance Factor

If you have done everything right, corrected any mistakes, and your hair is still not straight, it may be resistant. Some people have unusually resistant hair, and heat will not straighten the strands. The good news is, this means your hair is extremely strong, and can grow much longer. There are so many lovely styles for curly hair you may want to give a try. Just embrace the curls in your hair.