5 Ways to Protect Your Hair in the Summertime

Protect Your Hair

5 Ways to Protect Your Hair in the Summertime


Summertime brings high heat and humidity, which doesn’t agree with most hair types. But that doesn’t mean you have to avoid the pool or sun to protect your hair this summer. There’s no need to wear a big ugly floppy hat. Instead, there are plenty of ways to protect your hair and avoid damage, so you can attend that barbeque or beach party.

The following tips can also help treat your hair. Chlorine, humidity, and sunlight are enough to cause damage and frizz on your hair. But that doesn’t mean you should hide in your room all summer. To keep your hair beautiful, healthy and strong, you need to pay extra attention to your locks. Sometimes that involves changing up your hair care routine and removing some products.

Say Bye-Bye to Frizz

If you’re someone who has naturally curly hair, then you know how much summer can wreak havoc on it. The humidity causes frizz and more frizz. The best way to combat frizz is to change your hair care routine with products that are specially made for curly hair. For example, using shampoo and conditioner with coconut and Jojoba oil that softens and moisturizes your hair.

You should also change up the styling products you use. After washing your hair with shampoo and conditioner, apply crème pudding onto damp hair to prevent frizz from happening. If you have straight hair that’s prone to frizz, work serum into soaking wet or towel-dried hair. A lightweight serum can prevent frizz and increase shine.

Throw Out Those Heat Styling Tools

Blow dryers, curling irons, and straighteners can also make your hair worse in the summer. This heat-on-heat action leads to more damage to your hair and scalp. Get rid of those styling tools and use a heat-free style method instead. If you prefer to use heat styling tools, blow dry your hair completely before using a curling iron or straightening iron. And it’s highly recommended to use heat styling tools in an air-conditioned room of your house.

Shake Up Your Shampoo Routine

Hot weather means more sweat, which means you’ll be washing your hair more often. Therefore, you should use a gentle shampoo for daily use. A cleansing shampoo washes your hair without stripping it of its nutrients and moisture. It often contains ingredients such as moisturizing lipids that leaves your hair soft, strong, and beautiful.

Use a Lightweight Daily Conditioner

If you’re someone with fine, thin hair then you’re probably afraid of using conditioner. It’s not going to weigh your hair down. If you don’t use conditioner, you’re at risk of getting frizz. Use a lightweight conditioner that melts into your hair and rinse away easily, which makes it the ideal choice for fine hair. Our services also include haircuts, hair coloring, keratin treatments, and Dominican blowouts.

Replenish Moisture With a Serum

Even if you use heat styling tools, walking in the sun can lead to damage, even in the summer months. Use a protecting serum that treats damaged, overworked, and stressed hair. This helps protect your hair. There’s no need to rinse out this product. It’ll continue working and fight damage and frizz even while you’re asleep.