6 Secrets to Finding the Perfect Stylist for Your Hair

6 Secrets to Finding the Perfect Stylist for Your Hair


When you look good, you feel good too. While many people don’t mind doing their own hair, getting it professionally done at a salon is a great way to pamper yourself. With that said, finding the right salon can be no small challenge. Some salons may not offer all of the services that you want. Whether you are looking for quality hair coloring services or contemporary haircuts, here are 6 secrets to finding the stylist of your dreams:

Figure out what you are looking for. The first step towards finding the perfect stylist is to figure out what look you are going for. In order to effectively decide whether or not a stylist is right for you, you will need to be able to communicate exactly what you are looking for. If your hair is very damaged, this might include a cute haircut, keratin treatments and a long-term plan to grow healthy hair. Similarly, if you are looking for a colorist, be sure to look for a stylist that specializes in hair-coloring services. Knowing what you want from a stylist will help you find someone to help you look and feel your very best.

Find the Right Environment

Find the right environment. When scoping out a new salon, there are a few key things to look for. How clean is the salon? Did anyone greet you as you walked through the door? What did they do to make you feel comfortable? Going to the hair salon should be an experience. With this in mind, it is important to find an environment where you can feel comfortable and relax.

Create an open dialogue with your stylist. Choosing a new stylist is like starting a new relationship. Take your time and look for someone that can understand your vision and deliver the results you want. When you find a stylist that interests you, booking an appointment will allow you to scope out the stylist’s personality and skills. During the initial consultation, take some time to talk with the stylist about the texture of your hair, any hair problems you may have been experiencing and the look that you are going for. If they do not think that they can deliver what you are looking for, this is their opportunity to express that to you.

Pay attention to first impressions

Pay attention to first impressions. While you are at the salon, be sure to pay attention to the presentation of your stylist. The way your stylist looks, dresses and styles their own hair are all key points to take note of. While these may seem like insignificant details, a stylist that does not take pride in their appearance is unlikely to care about yours either.

In addition to these visual ques, pay attention to the way your stylist speaks about your hair. You want to make sure that they are educated about your unique hair type and style. If they are not knowledgeable about the hair industry, there is no way to know if they have what it takes to keep your hair as healthy as it needs to be.

Educate Yourself

Educate yourself. Developing a strong connection with your stylist goes beyond the salon chair. A good stylist can educate you on how to maintain the style that they have given you and what you need to do at home to ensure that your hair stays healthy. Ask the stylist for a reasonable plan for maintaining your style.

Don’t be afraid to ask around. One of the best ways to get the truth about a stylist is to ask existing customers. Ask them if they are happy with the way that their hair was styled and if they feel that their hair has gotten healthier since visiting the salon. Getting a referral from an existing salon customer is a great way to get an honest opinion before you spend your hard-earned money.

Choosing the right hair stylist may not be easy, but it is well worth the effort. Lastly, we do haircuts, hair coloring, keratin treatments, and Dominican blowouts.