Five Occasions Where Up-Dos are Essential


Up-dos are special. They look exquisite. They highlight special occasions and give the people wearing them extra confidence. If you have the desire to wear your hair up, but you’re not sure when you should visit a beauty salon, the following list will help you. There are several events and occasions that can be the perfect opportunity for you to explore up-dos.

The styles of up-dos that you have to choose from range from simple to complex. They’re ideal for the most special occasions and give you a finished look from head to toe. If you want to show your stylist a photo for inspiration, make sure to save it to your phone for them to refer to the day of your appointment. You’ll walk out of our beauty salon looking and feeling like a million bucks because of your decision to use our services for your incredible day.

close up of beautiful woman wearing shiny diamond earrings

Here are five occasions where up-dos are essential:

  1. Professional Photos. It doesn’t matter if it’s a headshot you’re needing or a bunch of family photos. A do-up is the perfect way to look your best. It’s a wind-proof hairstyle that won’t budge if you’re having your photos taken outdoors. It can be secured with bobby pins and sprayed with hairspray to make it last longer.
  2. Weddings. This is one of the most important special events where up-dos are needed. It doesn’t matter if you’re the one getting married or simply attending the event. A beautiful hairstyle will help you get through the celebration with ease. You’ll be photo-ready at any given moment, too.
  3. Graduation Ceremonies. If you’re wearing a cap to your graduation, you want your hair to look its best once you’ve taken it off. You can achieve the best look possible with your graduation garb on when your hair has been styled in an updo. If you’re in high school and have school dances and prom to attend, we can be the beauty salon that takes care of all your formal needs. Come to us so we can give you the best hairstyles possible for all of your special events throughout the school year.
  4. Birthday Parties. You can be the one having a birthday or attending a birthday party. Either way, you’ll look amazing! Our stylists will make sure of that! Your do-up is reflective of your style. Don’t be afraid to command the room’s attention with your beautiful look.
  5. Holiday Celebrations. Get into the holiday spirit with an incredible updo. You’ll have everything you need to look and feel festive. You can take the time to shine and look picture perfect in every photo that you’re in. You can even have cosmetology services done so that your makeup matches the gorgeous hairstyle you’ve chosen to wear to the party.

Up-Dos allow you to wear a more glamorous hairstyle for special events and celebrations. Working with your hairstylist, you can achieve the look that complements the make-up and clothing that you’ll wear. If you’re attending a wedding and have other people in the wedding party who want similar up-dos, let us know so we can schedule an appointment for them, too. We make accommodations for our customers.

We want you to feel extra special wherever you go. When you want your hair done in a do-up, it helps to let us know what look you’re trying to achieve. When you have photos for us to reference, it makes it much easier for us to give you exactly what you want in a hairstyle. Making you feel comfortable, relaxed, and like a VIP is our goal every time you visit us for one of our services.

An Appointment Awaits You at Dorcas Dominican Beauty Salon

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